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How to get started working in Jira Server

Hugh Davey
28 November 19 Jira
How to get started working in Jira Server
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How to get started working in Jira Server

In this blog we're going to cover the basics of Jira, what it can do and how you can do it. This is ideal for those of you who are brand new to Jira and just getting started with using its features.

With a couple of top tips we'll give you a jump start by walking you through the basics and have you using Jira like a pro in no time.

So say goodbye to being lost in a world of spreadsheets and tracking work through old emails, Jira Server enables you to handle your work in an organised fashion.

To get you started, here is our How-To guide to get you up and running and working in Jira Server, including how to edit issues, use workflows and manage your notifications in Jira.

How Jira is organised?

When you're first getting started with Jira the terms you hear can be confusing, what is an 'issue', what is a 'project' and how do they all fit together? This video is the perfect place to start explaining how Jira is set-up and hopefully clear up some of that confusion. 

How to create Issues in Jira

Now you know what a Jira project is and what an issue is, let's see what it looks like in practice. Jira allows you to create and work with issues that represent your real life tasks. This video covers how to create these issues and how to add them to your projects.

How to Edit issues in Jira

Once Issues are set up, you can interact with them! There are many ways to work with your Issues in Jira. This video covers ways you can manage issues, including editing issues and logging work.

How to use workflows and functions as a Jira user

In Jira, workflows drive the progress of issues from status to status and provide your organisation with information on where an issue may be in its lifecycle. In this video, we introduce workflows and workflow functions–what they are, how they work, and how to use them.

Use and manage notifications in Jira

You know the notifications you get on your phone? Well Jira sends notifications when actions happen in the system in just the same way, for example, when someone updates or changes an issue. In this video we walk-through how notifications work in Jira and how you can manage them and make them work for you.

Feeling more confident in using Jira? Feel ready to start exploring some of its features on your own?

Get expert training to help your organisation get the most from Atlassian Jira

Now you've got the basics of Jira, creating and editing issues, workflows and managing notifications, put what you have learned into practice and take your Jira up a level.

Want to level up your Jira for beginners skills to do even more? We also do live training! 


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