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How (and why) to define a style guide for Confluence & and JIRA (Podcast)

10 April 17 Jira
How (and why) to define a style guide for Confluence & and JIRA  (Podcast)
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How (and why) to define a style guide for Confluence & and Jira (Podcast)

Professional writers Krista Parker and Renee Brown join us this week to talk about how creating a style guide for Confluence and JIRA can make it easier for people to engage with your Atlassian systems and content. 

Creating a solid style guide will help with everything from branding to training, and you can also use them to make sure your content is accessible for people who are visually impaired. In the podcast the team shares some tips for creating and maintaining a style guide. We also talk about styling for mobile devices, the differences between heading 3 and heading 4, screenshot sizes and formatting, export styling – the whole gamut of Confluence styling. We then turn to JIRA and some simple things you can do to make JIRA easier to use. 

At Adaptavist, our style guide is simply a page on Confluence that defines the different elements (headings, screenshots, bolding vs. italics, icons, etc.) and explains what those need to be and how they should be used. This approach makes sure the style guide is accessible to everyone in the company, we’re all using the same instruction manual when we write, and we can update it quickly, easily, and collaboratively.

If you’ve got questions or suggestions for what you’d like to hear in future editions of the podcast, email the team at or comment below. You can also help us out by completing our feedback survey.

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