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September 20, 2018

In the news: Psychological Safety in Post-Mortems

Lois Shearing 1 minute read

Matt Saunders talks post-mortems with InfoQ

After his talk at Summit about psychological safety in blameless post-mortems, InfoQ caught up with Adaptavist's head of DevOps Matt Saunders to discuss how to keep this process safe for all involved.

Matt and infoQ discuss the best time to conduct a post-mortem, some of the most common ways they can go wrong, and best practices that allow everyone to stay level-headed and make the most of the session.

"Engineers always want to do the right thing. It’s not just a matter of professional pride; emotions often come to the fore especially when there is an incident, as people can struggle to stay calm. Everyone wants to fix the outage as soon as possible, but this can manifest itself in heightened emotions and raised voices." says Matt.

To find out Matt's tips on how to avoid emotions spilling over in high-stake post-mortems, read the full interview here.