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Four new Adaptavist SmartDraw diagramming apps released at Summit

13 September 17 Adaptavist
Four new Adaptavist SmartDraw diagramming apps released at Summit
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Four new Adaptavist SmartDraw diagramming apps released at Summit

Adaptavist SmartDraw intelligent diagramming and design now available for Jira Server, Jira Cloud, Confluence Server, and Trello.

In software, code is king but visual diagrams, charts, and designs give us the ability to process complex problems at a glance across the development lifecycle. When several teams work across technology platforms, the ability to update those visuals across applications in real time becomes a game changer. That's why we've partnered with SmartDraw to announce four more Adaptavist SmartDraw apps for the Atlassian stack.

SmartDraw Diagrams for Confluence Cloud is now joined by SmartDraw Diagrams for Confluence Server, SmartDraw Diagrams for Jira Cloud, SmartDraw Diagrams for Jira Server, and SmartDraw for Trello. Teams will now be able to integrate visuals into their Trello boards and Confluence pages; as well as easily automate a range of diagrams and charts - from support workflows to Jira project hierarchies.

Adaptavist SmartDraw Power-Up for Trello

The Adaptavist SmartDraw Power-Up for Trello allows you to attach a diagram directly to a Trello Card. Diagrams can be edited in Trello or SmartDraw and the card will automatically update with every change. No need for double-handling and no room for error!

Adaptavist SmartDraw Diagrams for Confluence Cloud and Server

Update your process flows, decision trees, and other diagrams directly in your Confluence instance. The best part? Users do not require a SmartDraw account (only the Atlassian app) and it is now updated to include Gliffy import and support for SmartDraw Object Notification (SDON).

Adaptavist SmartDraw Diagrams for Jira Cloud and Server

Create workflows, wireframes, hierarchical diagrams, and more directly in Jira. This app allows users with ScriptRunner for Jira to implement the SmartDraw Object Notation API. This API is set to change the way software teams identify and understand the relationships between tasks.

SmartDraw Object Notation API - visual automation and innovation for software teams

In software development, as your Jira project portfolio grows, it can be difficult to identify relationships and how they map to real business requirements. Using ScriptRunner for Jira and SmartDraw, you can automatically populate a visual that transforms a list of Jira projects into any diagram. It makes it easy to see the scale, scope, and relationships of your Jira projects. Below, you can see a Jira Project with requirements, test cases, test data, test scripts.

Automatically visualise Jira project information for your whole software team

Using SmartDraw, you can instantly turn this into a diagram that displays the relationship between each epic, story, and subtask in a Jira Project.

Use SmartDraw and ScriptRunner for automate project visualisation

As you make changes to your project, the diagram will update automatically and can be easily exported and shared. Read more about the SmartDraw Object Notation API.

If you haven't yet discovered the power of visuals to improve productivity in your teams, download Adaptavist SmartDraw Diagrams for Jira or Confluence. Visit the Atlassian marketplace to take a look below at the extensive range of SmartDraw options available.

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