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Forms for Confluence gets new features and JIRA integration

Forms for Confluence gets new features and JIRA integration
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Forms for Confluence gets new features and Jira integration


Forms for Confluence is the most powerful way to collect information from your Confluence users. It lets you create powerful, flexible forms and manage the results in Confluence or send them to an email address. With this new version, we've added more functionality. It's even more powerful, including the ability to send form results into JIRA.

Integration with JIRA

Forms for Confluence Version 6.0 adds powerful integration with JIRA through ScriptRunner for JIRA. This means that you can now use Forms for Confluence to create and manage JIRA issues.

We're really excited about this functionality and how it extends, integrates and automates Confluence and JIRA. Use it for onboarding forms, bug reporting, project requests or wherever you want to initiate or inform JIRA workflows from Confluence.

More dynamic and tailored forms

The new Conditional Fields macro lets you customise form behaviour based on user input. You can build your forms to display or hide specific fields based on the options users select. It's better for user experience, simplifying the choices they need to make, and it means you should see better completion rates and more accurate information being submitted.

Are you using these great features?

These powerful features have recently been added for Forms for Confluence to extend its functionality, user experience and administration capabilities. Are you making use of them yet?

The Attachment Macro features allows users to attach files within forms. This means that associated documents can be submitted and stored with form information. Attachments can then be downloaded from the Internal Response Database as well as attached to forms emails.

You can now include images in the information displayed when users submit a form. The Success macro lets you customise and enrich the information shown.

Predictive Search has been implemented so that, when you're creating forms, it's quicker and easier to select where your form is going to be submitted to.

We've also added Dynamic Preview of forms so you don't need to save it in order to see how it will look. Each time you add a new macro, a dynamic preview of the field is shown.

With the new Responses Table macro you can now visualise form responses in any Confluence Page. We've also added additional configuration so you can set permissions for who can visualise such form responses.

Bringing workflow to Confluence

We're very excited about the possibilities of integrating forms with JIRA and can think of many, many processes that can be automated and enhanced. But we'd love to hear what you think you'd do with it  comment below and the most interesting ideas will get one of our very cool ScriptRunner t-shirts.

In recognition of the additional power and value of Forms for Confluence, we have reviewed its pricing. You can see the latest pricing on the Atlassian Marketplace and the product documentation here.


Forms for Confluence 6.0 is available for customers to upgrade now. Existing customers can upgrade at the old price for the next 60 days.


If you're not already using Forms for Confluence you can start a free trial here.

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