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Food for thought at the San Diego AUG

Food for thought at the San Diego AUG
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Food for thought at the San Diego AUG

Did you know Adaptavist has an office in San Diego, CA? Well now you do! Not only that but San Diego hosts a great AUG too.

Mark Livingstone of Qualcomm runs the San Diego AUG and the city is a growing hub for tech companies. The most recent event was held at Karl Strauss Brewery. Aside from great food and drink, there was a series of talks around the topic of ITSM and the discussion was led by Steve Cross (Americas Channel Manager at Atlassian).


The latest from Atlassian

The talk covered some of the latest news from Atlassian including the acquisition of Status Page and Trello and the new Atlassian Stack licenses. A really great presentation on the do’s and don’ts of JIRA Service Desk was given by Kevin Allen, Technical Account Manager at Atlassian.


Embedding Atlassian in ITSM

The AUG was well-attended and the presentations really got people thinking about how they can better leverage Atlassian in their teams and organisations. This led to some great conversations about JIRA Service Desk, Confluence and ITSM. From there, we explained how ScriptRunner takes things even further, moulding Atlassian tools to specific business processes.

Atlassian ecosystem is the certification program. Attendees were very interested to ask us and Atlassian questions about the program, the exams and what is currently being offered.

We really appreciate the opportunity to meet and connect with our local AUG colleagues and are very thankful to Mark Livingstone for organizing these wonderful events. We look forward to attending, sponsoring, and speaking at San Diego AUGs in the future.

For more information about the next San Diego AUG or Atlassian User Groups where you are, go to the AUG website.

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