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Five reasons why sponsoring a local sports team is good for business

Five reasons why sponsoring a local sports team is good for business
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Five reasons why sponsoring a local sports team is good for business

When we think about the kind of legacy we want to create at Adaptavist, one of the most important things we strive for is keeping our people happy, healthy and motivated. That’s why it made perfect sense for us to sign up to the Pledge 1% ‘giving back’ scheme in 2015.  

Being part of this mighty army of volunteers and sponsors has not only enabled our business to make a positive contribution to local communities; it has empowered our people to build new relationships, learn new skills and make a real impact on causes that matter to them.

One of the areas we invest our Pledge 1% commitment is on local youth sport.  We know that sport connects people like nothing else, this year’s World Cup was a testament to this. It was only football, but for a few weeks it captured the interest of a nation.

We also recognise the impact sport can have on happiness and wellbeing so when we were thinking of a team we could help, the St Albans Hockey Club felt like a perfect match for our culture and values.  

Through supporting the St Albans Hockey Club we have experienced first-hand the benefits of getting involved with a local community team, here are five reasons we recommend you to give it a go:

1. Get active and get involved

As well as providing the St Albans Hockey Club with much needed financial support, we have the opportunity to get involved with coaching and mentoring activities and to feel part of the team.  In fact, our Head of Product, Jari Worsley has been able to do just that, by rolling up his sleeves and putting his management and coaching skills into action on the field. 

"Coaching has taken me out of my comfort zone and has helped me put my day job into perspective. It's a diversity of experience that makes me a better person” 


Jari Worsley, Head of Product at Adaptavist.

2. Make a difference to the lives of young people

“There is a direct correlation between girls’ future life chances and the amount of physical activity they do in their younger years"


Chris Wright, Head of Wellbeing at the Youth Sports Trust (Quote from The Independent).

Given the clear benefits of encouraging children to get involved in sport from a young age, being able to support the St Alban’s Hockey Club, in particular, has been hugely rewarding. Sponsoring a local club like this gives you the opportunity to directly improve outcomes for young people, build their confidence and support them on their path to a brighter future. 

3. Build awareness of your values and culture

 As a business, we believe that the work you do in the community says a lot about your people, culture, and values. Getting involved with a local sports team like St Alban’s gives you the chance to bring your values and culture to life both for your team members and for your local community.  

One of our core values at Adaptavist is striving for ‘Excellence,’ and even though we place a high value on individual excellence, we value great teamwork, even more. We believe that true strength comes from helping those around you achieve excellence.  Being able to work with the St Albans team helps us to put this value into action through our support, guidance, and coaching.

4. Expand your network outside your industry

To grow your business, you need to step outside the usual networking places and learn from others outside your industry. Sponsoring a local sports team is an excellent way of doing this.  You can get the chance to meet people from all walks of life, build new relationships which may even open the door to future business opportunities.  Working with and coaching the next generation also helps you keep in touch with what is important to young people and can help attract future talent to your business.

5. Inspire the next generation of stars

 Being a sponsor of a team like St Alban’s is a privilege, and it's clear their sheer determination and pursuit of excellence have helped them achieve what they have today.  From attracting volunteers like Great Britain Goalkeeping coach, John Hurst to rising stars like Laura Myers, GB Squad Goalkeeper, they are setting the gold standard for youth sport.  Getting involved with youth sports teams and initiatives and supporting them to achieve their goals and dreams is a win-win for both your business and your local community.   

How to get started

If sponsoring a team is not your thing, there are so many other ways to support your local community through the Pledge 1% scheme.  However, you decide to do it, contributing and giving something back to your local community will bring you and your business so many rewards.



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