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July 15, 2020

Get issues from all your Jira instances in one go, straight from Slack with SearchMy

Seb Sidbury 2 minute read
Jira is great, but things can start getting a little overwhelming when you have to work across several Jira instances.

This is a surprisingly common occurrence as organisations expand and evolve. Some have multiple Jira instances for different departments, say a dedicated instance for engineering projects, and another for the wider businesses. Others are in the process of migrating from on-premise hosting to cloud instances, resulting in a hybrid Server, Data Center and Cloud environment. Consultants often use a dedicated Jira instance for each of their clients to guarantee data security. And many companies simply have a mishmash of different instances across different hosting types, left over from various mergers and acquisitions over the years.

Jira issues in Slack, from all your instance

Finding the issues you’re working on across all these instances can be tedious at best, impossible at worst.

That’s exactly why we built SearchMy. We designed this neat little Slack App to do all the legwork for you, saving you time and effort. Surely you can use your time more productively than scouring various Jira instances for your issues? And the best bit is once SearchMy has compiled your consolidated list of issues from across all your different Jira instances, it delivers them where your eyes are already: Slack. You don’t even need to open your browser – unless of course you want to open one of the issues, in which case all the links are provided in Slack by SearchMy.

Try SearchMy For Free

Got Server, Data Center and Cloud instances? Not a problem.

With SearchMy, you hook up all your instances once when you set up the app. Server, Data Center and Cloud are all supported, in any combination. After an initial login to each instance to authorise the link, you’ll never have to log in again. Our secure, end user controlled OAuth authorisation process ensures appropriate data access. All data is fully protected during its transit between your Jira instances and Slack.

Server, Data Center and Cloud - all are supported!

You could be using it today in just a few clicks.

Want to save time and get issues from all your Jira instances in one go, straight from Slack? You can install your SearchMy free trial to your Slack workspace and start using it today – no payment method required. As with all our Atlassian apps, our friendly and talented support team remains at your service if you need them.

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