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Empowering people and processes for Collective Health

1 June 16 Jira
Empowering people and processes for Collective Health
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Empowering people and processes for Collective Health


We've been working with US-based health benefits company Collective Health (CH) recently. We're really proud of the partnership's results so far.

Collective Health used 2015 as a tester year for their offer, but knew their plans for growth would mean 30,000 customers from the start of 2016. They needed efficient and streamlined system capabilities that would enable optimal customer service levels for their tailor-made healthcare insurance solutions. What's more, they needed tools to remain flexible as the business scaled.

Collective Health chose Adaptavist

Although already using JIRA for internal development work, CTO Preston Tollinger admits the company was unsure where to turn in order to optimise the software's capabilities for their specific needs. Assessing the alternatives, Preston chose Adaptavist for our “willingness to put aside assumptions about how best to use Atlassian products. Adaptavist's track record also resonated with his need for flexibility regarding the exact nature of future requirements.

Empowering people and supporting frontline customer service

Following initial conversations, Adaptavist spent time at CH's California base to fully understand needs. The team commenced with information and knowledge structuring with the intention of maximising the accessibility and value of their data and information. Early decisions saw Confluence's search functionality extended. JIRA was then chosen to support frontline customer service systems.

Detailed workflow and process discussions followed, resulting in the customisation of JIRA with ScriptRunner to deliver CH's specific workflows and to observe their legal compliance requirements. Their Program Managers were particularly impressed with a creative solution to ensure adherence to Protected Health Information laws, limiting access to information to the period when a ticket is open and revoking access automatically once the issue is closed.

Continuing the partnership

Along the way, JIRA, JIRA Service Desk, JIRA Enterprise Message Handler, ScriptRunner for JIRA, and Confluence have been employed with the client pleased with progress and our adaptability. You really understood that this was not a cookie-cutter project, said Preston. And in terms of continuing the partnership, he has no doubt that Adaptavist's knowledge makes our development process much more efficient.

You can read the full case study for further details or contact us to find out how we can help meet your workflow and business process challenges.

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