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Create Better Content with Content Formatting for Confluence's Templates

Create Better Content with Content Formatting for Confluence's Templates
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Create Better Content with Content Formatting for Confluence's Templates

Six new templates that will help you create content that's more effective, easier to adopt and consume. 

+30 Macros, where do you start? 

Content Formatting is one of the most popular apps on the Atlassian marketplace and one of the oldest. Over the last 8 years of development it's grown to offer over 30 different macros, making it both very powerful but also a bit daunting for new (and even veteran) users. Simply put, with so much choice how do you know if you're using Content Formatting for Confluence to make your content the best it can be? 


Finance Template

The finance template allows you to pull in data that updates every time the page loads and has content separated onto different tabs

Our new feature, Content Formatting templates, aims to solve part of this challenge. Templates offer out-of-the-box examples of how you can use multiple Content Formatting macros in your everyday Confluence pages. These include setting up a software requirements page, creating a blog or a user guide, and are a great way to start understanding how you can use content formatting to enhance your content.

Everyday templates for your teams

In this release you'll find six simple and straightforward templates, let's take a look at what they do:

  • Multi-page journey - Tie together content from different pages or spaces, creating a pathway through content for your audience. 
  • Space home page - Our take on improving your teams/projects home pages. This combines custom style elements like div and style macros together with native Confluence macros like contributors and recently updated pages. 
  • Finance - Build structured content inside of Confluence, allowing your finance teams to easily interpret and reference data. 
  • Academic - Reference content with footnotes and a structured bibliography or display mathematical formulas with ease.
  • Blog - Improve the layout and style of your blogs. The div and style sheet macro allow you to craft your content to match your brand or team! 
  • Software requirements - Use this template to impose structure on your software requirements. It combines style elements with the ability to segment requirements onto different tabs, making your content more manageable. 

Learn more about working with these templates in our documentation

How do I use the Content Formatting templates? 

The first step is to install or update Content Formatting for Confluence to version 6.1.0 or later. Once that is done, navigate to the more options icon next to the create page button and select the Content Formatting templates option. You'll then have the option to create a page with your choice of template. Take a look at our feature video here: 

CF Templates

Not a Content Formatting for Confluence user? Try Content Formatting for 30 days for free through the Atlassian Marketplace

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