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Value stream management powered by Plandek and Adaptavist

Plandek and Adaptavist
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Find out how we’re strengthening our end-to-end agile and DevOps solutions with Plandek’s value stream management platform.

If you want to track the impact of your agile and DevOps transformation, you need the right insights and metrics to understand what’s working well and what’s holding you back. These metrics help you make vital changes to people, processes, and tools to improve how teams work together and the quality and speed of the software you produce.

Value stream management (VSM) is a lean business practice that determines the value of your software development lifecycle (SDLC), delivery efforts, and resources. It helps you understand how long it takes to deliver value to your customers, identify where waste is in your SDLC, and improve the flow of changes through the pipeline. But beyond process efficiency, it provides useful insights, helping you have data-driven conversations across the organisation and estimating the value of work, now and in the future.

An exciting new partnership

At Adaptavist, we offer expert consultancy to help your organisation embrace VSM, bolstering your agile and DevOps initiatives. And now we’ve partnered with Plandek – a VSM platform that puts end-to-end analytics at your fingertips, embedding metrics into the process and empowering you to improve your pipeline.

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"‘It is important that organisations are able to track the progress of their digital transformations. Our clients are crying out for an analytics solution that integrates seamlessly across their DevOps toolsets and allows them to align software delivery with their business goals. So we are very excited to bring them Plandek’s best-in-class end-to-end analytics platform.’"
Simon Haighton-Williams, Adaptavist CEO

Discover the power of Plandek

Plandek provides intelligent insights with metrics and analytics to empower engineering teams to deliver software better. The platform delivers insights from multiple tools and data sources used throughout the delivery process, helping you analyse where improvements can be made using customisable, integrated dashboards. It works to create a culture of continuous improvement, so you can build a data-driven organisation.

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"‘Plandek is really delighted to be partnering with Adaptavist. The synergy is very clear – Plandek brings market-leading value stream analytics to the Adaptavist toolset, including Atlassian and other partner platforms – and Adaptavist brings its global-leading client set and expertise to support Plandek in its rapid growth journey.’"
Charlie Ponsonby, Plandek Co-CEO

Consulting and implementation excellence

That expertise extends to our history of transformation consulting, and implementing and managing some of the biggest tools in DevOps, including Atlassian and GitLab. Having already helped hundreds of organisations become more agile and improve their SDLC, we’re excited about Plandek’s platform being part of our toolkits, bringing big benefits to our existing and future customers.

Interested in making Plandek part of your toolchain? Our approach means supporting organisations to leverage all that Plandek has to offer. It includes:

  • Assessing the key business challenges you’re facing to define which metrics need to be implemented. 
  • Using Plandek, you’ll be able to mine data across your DevOps toolchain, gaining actionable insights. 
  • Developing a unique roadmap with our experts to make the changes you need, so you can get your software delivery processes back on track.
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The perfection combination

Combine our expert consultancy services with Plandek’s powerful tool, and watch your VSM efforts take off. Find out more about our approach and why we’ve teamed up with this innovative solution provider.

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