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Control your spaces better with ScriptRunner for Confluence v5.2.0

30 October 17 Adaptavist
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Control your spaces better with ScriptRunner for Confluence v5.2.0

Gain insights about what your Confluence spaces are made of with the new space statistics feature and take advantage of the improved copy page tree feature.

In case you missed it, last month we launched built-in scripts for space admins. This feature opened up some of the out-of-the-box power of ScriptRunner for Confluence to more users, reducing support queues and empowering space admins. This month we're going further, giving Confluence and space admins the ability to view important statistics about their Confluence space at a glance, as well as improving the copy page tree built-in script.

Read the previous announcement regarding built-in scripts for space admins here.

Use space statistics to make your spaces better

Effectively managing your spaces can be a challenge for an admin at any level. To help with this we've introduced the space statistics script, providing access to vital information at a glance. View data on attachment count and size, comments, labels, trash, likes, and when the page was created.

Space admins also gain the ability to view and compare all the spaces that they have permission to see, helping them make effective decisions that benefit their spaces. For the Confluence admin, there's the benefit of being able to diagnose a far wider selection of Confluence spaces. Space statistics gives them the insight to make decisions about the overall design, architecture and usability of their Confluence instance - enforcing standards on the size of attachments or number of pages in a space, for example.

Find out how you can use space statistics to further enhance your space diagnostics here.

Enhancements to copy page tree

 Copy page tree big

This feature answered one of the oldest and most-requested items in the Atlassian forums: the ability to copy multiple pages in one go. With last month's update, we opened the functionality to space admins, giving them the ability to better manage and reuse their teams' content. With this release, we go even further, adding the ability to change the title of your newly-created page tree.

Confluence and space admins are also able to add a prefix or suffix to their title, such as adding an older version number or date. Copy page tree will also carry across all your page permissions and any comments that those pages had to your new location. This means that you can reuse your content, shaping the title to match the needs of the team or project that you're moving it to. You can also use it to easily transform your page title to meet your company's naming standards.

To learn more about how content can be copied across and what this built-in script offers, take a look at the documentation.

To take advantage of these new and improved features, update to ScriptRunner v5.2.0 in your Confluence instance. If you don't have ScriptRunner for Confluence and would like to try these two features, you can start a free 30-day trial.

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