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Build better software with real-time test reports in Confluence

Build better software with real-time test reports in Confluence
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Build better software with real-time test reports in Confluence

Test and Quality Assurance (QA) Managers face growing pressure to deliver better quality software at a faster pace. This demand for rapid innovation, coupled with the need to provide stakeholders with real-time test reporting, makes it more critical than ever to be able to share and access your test data quickly and easily.

Automated reporting in one place

Consolidating test results from many different sources is not only time-consuming for test managers but also affects the quality, accuracy and reliability of the test data.

new app within Confluence solves this challenge by enabling you to view all your Test Management for Jira data reports inside of Confluence.  This new app provides automated real-time reporting, identifying software defects quickly and easily to improve testing efficiency and management.

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 There are over 60 reporting macros you can use to display your Test management for Jira data, including coverage, progress, and quality. Teams can now view and access a single set of reports in one place.

Here is a quick demo on how to manage different macros in Confluence.

Presenting the right results to the right people

Identifying, consolidating, and presenting the most relevant test results for a specific stakeholder group can be challenging for two reasons:

  1. Too little test information can mean software project teams might not fully understand the issues affecting quality.
  2. Too much detailed information means the impact of key information becomes obscured for the product managers and owners who want to check progress, coverage and quality.


filtering for Confluence

Filters are easy to apply and help you retrieve and view the right data

Enhanced filtering

We've introduced enhanced filters that can be configured by non-technical users to query deep within the test data. It gives you the ability to slice and dice the testing results across projects, epics, and user stories. You can build custom reports to view the progress and status of a particular test cycle in Confluence and share the details with project stakeholders.

For more details view our blog on the new reporting capabilities in Test Management for Jira

Better collaboration 

Test Management for Confluence enables you to create easy-to-view reports based on the needs of team members. The macros are simple to adjust to suit the needs of each group. From these reporting macros, you and your team can make informed decisions and share information seamlessly, with easy data analysis and collaboration. 

Real-time Reporting 

The new powerful reporting engine enables you to update and embed real-time reports in your Confluence pages. It provides a snapshot of the latest testing and QA statistics each time, including coverage, progress, and quality. This detailed reporting facilitates collaborative steps while ensuring different teams stay up-to-speed across all projects.

Want to get started with Test Management reporting in Confluence?

Visit the Atlassian marketplace to find out more. If you are new to Test Management for Jira you can try it here. Test Management for Confluence (TM4C) requires Test Management for Jira 4.5 onwards.


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