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Boost your team's performance with ScriptRunner for Confluence Cloud

Boost your team's performance with ScriptRunner for Confluence Cloud
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Boost your team's performance with ScriptRunner for Confluence cloud

Our Most Powerful Atlassian Automation App has Arrived on Confluence Cloud

Cloud technology is revolutionising the digital business world, and its acceleration is set to continue, with Gartner predicting global adoption rates will soar in the coming years. Atlassian's switch to the cloud in 2016 has clearly been a winning strategy given their report of strong financial results and the addition of 6,600 new customers.

As a platinum partner of Atlassian, we recognise the potential of cloud-enabled solutions to diversify, enhance, and grow business. So, behind the scenes, we've been busy innovating in this space and are excited to officially announce our most powerful Confluence cloud app to date, ScriptRunner for Confluence. 

A Growing ScriptRunner Family

Today, ScriptRunner as a family of apps spans across four Atlassian products, three different platforms, and with over 20,000 installs it is one of the most influential and trusted sets of apps on the Atlassian Marketplace.

The addition of ScriptRunner for Confluence Cloud gives admins the ability to integrate, automate, and scale Confluence Cloud more than ever before.

Your New Confluence Toolbox

If you're new to the ScriptRunner family, you will discover that it's like no other app in the Atlassian ecosystem. ScriptRunner doesn't just solve one challenge but instead gives you a toolbox to address multiple challenges across your Atlassian app. From out-of-the-box functionality to the ability to script your own automations and customisations, ScriptRunner has something for admins of every skill level.

Power-up your Content Management

Built in Scripts

Powerful content management with ScriptRunner's built-in scripts

From the moment you install ScriptRunner for Confluence the management of your content becomes easier and more powerful. ScriptRunner's handy built-in scripts improve the overall discoverability of content, speeds up admin, and enables effective documentation management. These code-free, built-in scripts allow space and Confluence admins to: 

Automate Confluence to Save Time

SR4CC Create Page Templates

Automatically respond to Confluence events, like creating a number of templated Confluence pages when another page is created

One of ScriptRunner's core and most powerful features is its ability to automate Confluence in ways that make sense to you and your team. Script Listeners and Script Jobs allow you to build automations that react to Confluence events (like when a user creates a page), or can be used to ensure that certain tasks run regularly. Easily scale your Content Management System (CMS) without spending time every day managing it. 

You can automate or take advantage of built-in examples that let you: 

Integrate with Mission-critical Apps:

SR4CC Create Jira Tickets

Build powerful integrations with Jira or other apps that interact with Confluence

ScriptRunner also allows you to integrate Confluence with your other critical apps, saving your time, promoting best practice, and ensuring tasks don't slip through the cracks. What this means for you, is that you're able to build automations like creating a Jira issue whenever a Confluence page is created or interact with data from external systems that use the REST API like Xero, SalesForce, and Trello.

Unlock Confluence's Potential with ScriptRunner for Confluence Cloud

ScriptRunner for Confluence Cloud gives you the power to unlock Confluence's potential; making it easier to manage, easier to use, and more powerful. So, regardless of where you are in your Confluence journey or your experience level, ScriptRunner is ready to ensure your team's success. 

Find out more on our Atlassian Marketplace listing and start a 30-day free trial, today.

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