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Atlassian Certification for JIRA and Confluence administrators

Atlassian Certification for JIRA and Confluence administrators
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Atlassian Certification for Jira and Confluence administrators

Adaptavist has been working with Atlassian and a team of other Atlassian Experts to design and develop Atlassian certification exams that raise the bar on what it means to be a JIRA or Confluence Administrator. Atlassian Certified Professional (ACP) status and Atlassian Certified Elite (ACE) badges will help Experts develop their skills and give organisations confidence in the credibility of Atlassian Experts.

Identifying the best Atlassian expertise

The certifications will be challenging but will unlock the opportunity to pursue other badges within the Atlassian ecosystem. They status will let organisations and teams know who are among the best when it comes to managing Atlassian systems. Once someone passes a core exam, they will be able to take tests to get additional badges that will demonstrate advanced and comprehensive knowledge of different features or aspects of Atlassian software.

Focused on product admin

One of the goals for the certifications was to help differentiate seasoned administrators. The tests are targeted for people with at least 2-3 years of experience as an administrator and who have deep knowledge of the administrative interface(s). But the exams are also focused on the core product: we're not testing on server administration, programming or how to configure third party add-ons.

Setting the bar high

As the leading Atlassian Expert worldwide, Adaptavist was able to help set the bar high such that people who pass the exam will have a credential to be proud of and which communicates a high level of excellence. Preparing for certification will be challenging. To help with that, Adaptavists Matthew Stublefield and Emma Rush will be leading exam preparation workshops at AtlasCamp 2016.

It's just the start

More Atlassian certification programmes will follow. Matthew and Emma will be working with Atlassian and other Atlassian Experts in March to write an Advanced Workflows badge and begin work on the Agile Development with JIRA Software certification. We're excited to partner with Atlassian in this fashion, and honored to be trusted by Atlassian to contribute in so many ways to their new certification program.

For more information check out the certifications section of the Atlassian website or read about the Adaptavist Academy team.

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