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Adaptavist x GitLab: a partnership powering digital transformation

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We’re proud to introduce our new partner, GitLab, and confirm our commitment to digital transformation through streamlined DevOps solutions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the software development shift from centralised apps to distributed cloud services. Global DevOps teams around the world are looking for solutions that enable them to speed up processes and improve efficiency, while staying secure and reliable for their customers – solutions like Adaptavist’s new partner, GitLab.

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Getting to know GitLab

For those who’ve been stuck in lockdown a little too long, GitLab is a complete DevOps platform that streamlines software workflow – and it’s pretty popular too, with 100,000 organisations already onboarded. What’s more, as an open-source application with 3000+ contributors, it’s always improving, responding to the needs of the market with the combined expertise of its users.

GitLab helps developers get on with ease, all in one application – from agile planning, version control, and code review to multi-cloud continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) and built-in security as standard, it’s a fast, efficient solution to help meet demand, improve productivity, and stay compliant.

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"‘Adaptavist’s extensive experience implementing enterprise software solutions and its expertise across agile and DevOps transformation services, makes them a perfect fit for the GitLab Partner Program.’"
Michelle Hodges, Vice president of global channels, GitLab

A match made in development

The GitLab Partner Program is open to everyone, but as a Select Partner, Adaptavist has been chosen and recognised for its expertise. We’ll be involved in developing GitLab services and practices and helping to drive the success of products. 

As a creator of innovative DevOps services and solutions ourselves, combined with our consulting-led approach and expertise in building and implementing CI and CD pipelines, Adaptavist is strategically placed to help organisations leverage the GitLab platform. 

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A milestone in digital transformation

Adaptavist’s CEO, Simon Haighton-Williams, described the partnership as ‘a significant milestone’ as we look to further strengthen our end-to-end DevOps services to accelerate customers’ digital transformation journeys. ‘With GitLab, Adaptavist will be able to help customers build and implement CI and CD systems using the latest industry-proven tools and techniques.’

With the demand for collaboration tools and practices at fever pitch, there’s never been a better time to team-up to tackle the future of DevOps solutions, Haighton-Williams said. ‘Adaptavist is continuing to make significant moves through its strategic partnerships to meet customers’ demands and requests to support them on their transformation journey.’

Not up to speed with GitLab yet? Try it for free with unlimited access to the full suite of features with a 30-day trial.

Try GitLab for free!
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Your digital transformation journey starts here

For more information about how you can revolutionise your application lifecycle with GitLab, or by deploying other digital transformation technologies, contact us today.

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