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Adaptavist Test Management now available for Jira Cloud

16 October 17 Jira
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Adaptavist Test Management now available for Jira cloud

Testing and Quality Assurance is crucial to any software creation. Customers tend to get frustrated if their latest update or newest gadget doesn't work, so developers and testers need to QA quickly and effectively. The good news is that the highest-rated test management app for Jira Server is now available for Jira Cloud.

Until now, if your company used Jira Cloud, there was only one choice for a testing app to keep your entire application lifecycle management process on the Atlassian platform. If that app didn't meet your needs, you had to use stand-alone options with poor Jira integration and your teams had to switch between tools to create, run and analyse tests.

Keep your Jira Cloud testing process in one place

Adaptavist Test Management (ATM) enhances your Jira instance to full ALM capability. While our server customers have long been thrilled with ATM, the Test and Quality Assurance teams who are using Jira Cloud have not been able to benefit from its enhanced enterprise features. We wanted to change that and provide the features customers need in a test management solution hosted on Jira Cloud. Adaptavist Test Management for Jira Server is the best option for Test and QA teams looking to manage testing within Jira. There is no longer the need to connect to external systems or have Test and QA teams working in silos away from your development teams using Jira.

Why choose Adaptavist Test Management?

  • User-driven roadmap of new features delivered via Continuous Deployment
  • Test management directly in Jira enables teams to collaborate effortlessly
  • Enterprise Test Management features
  • Receive first-class support from the Adaptavist team

A rich feature set for enterprise testers and testing

ATM is full of important features. You can create, update, delete test cases, organise them into folders, and share and reuse test cases among different projects.

Additionally, there are folder hierarchies to use for organising the testing artefacts in your testing scale.

Better test case management with Adaptavist Test Management for Jira Cloud

You can also organise tests into test runs to execute in the test player with all results accessible using Reports directly inside Jira.

Plan test runs from inside Jira Cloud with ATM

You can link Jira issues, test cases, and test runs to provide seamless traceability from tests to requirements. Additionally, you can perform most of your testing actions directly from the Jira issue.

Enjoy full requirements traceability for your testing on Jira Cloud

There are granular permissions for test-related tasks so that you have full control over who can do what. There is a selection of key reports for visualising testing progress and traceability.

Want to see Adaptavist Test Management for Jira Cloud for yourself? Start a free trial or read what others are saying about it.

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