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Join the Adaptavist State of Data Center Project

Join the Adaptavist State of Data Center Project
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Join the Adaptavist State of Data Center Project

If your organisation uses Atlassian Data Center, read on to learn how you can participate in and benefit from our State of Data Center research.

Change – especially where technology is concerned – shouldn't be fought or feared. It's simply going to happen whether you're on board ahead of time or not. What's needed to manage change, and to benefit from it, is understanding.

Within the landscape of technologies that Adaptavist helps clients with, Atlassian's Data Center offerings are an area where change has opened up some glaring knowledge gaps. Data Center applications like Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and others are now mainstays of many of the world's biggest companies, yet how their use in these environments is evolving at a macro level remains a blind spot. Which Data Center applications are most critical to organisations? How are they being used and extended now, and how will they be in the future? And what are the biggest vulnerabilities and blockers to successful implementations?

Adaptavist has kicked off an initiative to help close this gap, and we're calling it the State of Data Center. If your organisation uses Data Center, you can email us to get involved and share your experience. And if you're an interested community member, or if your organisation is considering making the move to Data Center, just reach out and we'll be sure that you benefit from what we learn.

Uniquely demanding environments

The purpose of Data Center installations is to deliver the stability and performance required when Atlassian applications are mission-critical to an organisation. This is why they're often chosen to meet the special demands made by very large companies and enterprises. And, by definition, the sheer scale of these installations makes them complex environments.

The challenge of managing the administration, licensing, and maintenance of such systems – especially when they're extended with Marketplace apps – is significant. And the understanding required to optimise them for performance and efficiency demands deep knowledge of the best practices and unique solutions required.

Evolving approaches

As the ground moves, the approach to solutions in Data Center environments must change and keep pace. This is where knowledge is power.

The Adaptavist team learns continuously from our close relationship with Atlassian, and from working with Data Center clients every day to ease their pain points and simplify the management of their systems. We take a holistic approach to the challenge, and consider the business cost of managing and maintaining the Atlassian footprint as a whole when choosing solutions.

As we work to deliver reliability and performance, and navigate the intricacies of dependence and compatibility in Data Center environments, we've found a need for a review of the ecosystem on a higher level. We want to paint a bigger picture. That's why we've launched the State of Data Center project.

Clarity through collaboration

It's time to shed light on the larger Data Center landscape. We're kicking off a set of interviews with key Atlassian Data Center users to learn about how they're using their systems and extensions, what their challenges and pain points are, and where they see things going in the future.

In doing so we hope to assemble a bigger picture than what the Data Center ecosystem has today.

This knowledge will help us validate and evolve our own solutions and best practices – which of course is all well and good for the Adaptavist team. But for the larger community we'll publish the output of this research as the 'State of Data Center' so that all can have a clearer picture of where Data Center is now and where it's heading, and bring to light some of the most important challenges likely to come up on the way there.

Learn along with us

If your organisation uses one or more Atlassian Data Center applications and you'd like to get involved in our research initiative, email us here. We'll collect the results of this research at a macro level in our State of Data Center, request it here to be the first to see it.

We hope this information will help you and your team baseline your usage, challenges, priorities, and plans with those of your Data Center peers, and be in a better position to benefit from the growth and evolution that Data Center is undergoing.

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