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Adaptavist Learn announces new course for Portfolio for Jira

Adaptavist Learn announces new course for Portfolio for Jira
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Adaptavist Learn announces new course for Portfolio for Jira

You asked and we delivered. Available now to all Learn users. 

After unprecedented demand from our users, the Learn team have created a comprehensive course on how to use Portfolio for Jira. And the best part? All Learn users are now able to access this course through the Learn portal - as part of their existing licence.

In a nutshell, Portfolio for Jira helps project and portfolio managers build their work items and forecast accurate completion dates for their work in Jira. 

Setting a due date on a Jira issue is often arbitrary. It doesn't take into account who is available to do the work, whether they have the skills, or if the work has dependencies that will take time and thus delay the work. Portfolio takes all of this information into account and provides an accurate forecast.

Why create a course on Portfolio for Jira? 

Portfolio for Jira is a spectacular tool and once you get it working, it's magical. But it can be hard to get it working right. With our training, it will take you a lot less time to set up and will ensure you get the most value out of your investment. 

Why an Adaptavist Learn course for Portfolio for Jira?

Existing training available for Portfolio provides dictionary definitions similar to what you can find in the documentation. It tells you what a feature is or what happens when you click a button, but it doesn't teach you why or how to use a feature.

More importantly, other training doesn't give you that extra insight into Portfolio. Our training will teach you everything there is to know about Portfolio for Jira and help you to ensure best practices are implemented and maintained across your projects. 

What will I learn from this course? 

Get to know the features and use cases of Portfolio for Jira

You will learn how to use Portfolio effectively and efficiently by using the highest value features and ignoring features that may generate unnecessary overhead. We teach everything (all the features), but we also provide use cases and advice for how to reduce the overhead while still getting maximum value from the product.

Build shared teams 

This course will show you how to build shared teams with stages and skills in a way that minimises effort while providing valuable information for what-if analysis.

Effectively troubleshoot issues

Knowing the features is one thing, but knowing how they work, how they don't, and the quickest ways to fix it can be difficult to get from documentation. Our course is built by experts who use Jira Portfolio and are able to talk through issues they have had and strategies to get to a resolution fast. 

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