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According to Gartner, Atlassian excellence and Marketplace magic lead the way for scaling Enterprise Agile Planning

According to Gartner, Atlassian excellence and Marketplace magic lead the way for scaling Enterprise Agile Planning
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According to Gartner, Atlassian excellence and Marketplace magic lead the way for scaling Enterprise agile Planning

As a top Atlassian Marketplace and Platinum Solutions Partner, Adaptavist is thrilled but not in the least surprised Atlassian is named a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools.

The power of agile for the enterprise

Agile software development is an iterative, collaborative, and transparent approach to product and project management. It is not a new concept, disruptive players started to embrace agile values and principles decades ago to stay competitive, adapt quickly and deliver consistent value to their customers.

Now, agile has become mainstream in the engineering world and for many global enterprises it has become a catalyst for change and digital transformation across all parts of the business.

“Top-down strategic adoption of agile is now growing, driven by digital business initiatives that demand the quick delivery of solutions to new types of problem.” - According to the Gartner report.

Onboarding and scaling Atlassian tools and best practices across departments can be a daunting prospect for many.

“While tools provide important functions, these must be aligned with and supported by culture and practices in the organisation.” - Gartner report

As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we’ve helped many Fortune 500 companies to make the leap to agile, and rethink the way their teams work, communicate and collaborate together.

Our consultants at Adaptavist are experts at working with enterprises to bring their agile vision to life through the implementation and management of Atlassian tools.

We’ve also created online training tools like Adaptavist Learn to help organisations to rapidly onboard and upskill team members on Atlassian tools and best practices. However, the true power of agile comes from tailoring the platform to meet each team’s specific needs.

There’s an app for that: Atlassian customisation and extension for enterprise success

“Different organisations will have different requirements, such as regulatory compliance, that may constrain them to specific practices”….“A strong third-party market in the form of the Atlassian Marketplace helps fill gaps in functionality.” - Gartner report

Adaptavist is at the forefront of creating powerful Atlassian apps to address these gaps and enable complex customisation. For example, Test Management for Jira provides a robust, enterprise-grade testing platform directly inside Jira. Enterprises that historically could only use expensive and siloed testing tools now have access to more affordable, scalable testing solutions.

Through their implementation of Test Management for Jira, retail giant Loblaw Digital reinvented their approach to testing to reduce complexity and dramatically improve productivity and transparency.

Another firm favourite, ScriptRunner for Jira helps users to implement features such as advanced search and reporting, customise the look and feel of their projects in Jira, and even specifically tailor their development workflows to meet regulatory and compliance requirements.

ScriptRunner can also be used with Portfolio for Jira to customise dashboards to show the health and progress of work that aligns with a specific project, theme, or initiative.

The next agile frontier: the democratisation of DevOps

“Successful tools will also function as part of an overall DevOps toolchain, serving as a hub for information that will be used for planning and creating measurement of value delivery.” -Gartner report

The market is just starting to recognise the power of integration to create a seamless user experience. Agile is not just for tech and engineering teams anymore, buzzwords like “Agile marketing” and “Sales DevOps” are already creeping into everyday water cooler conversations. Its clear that more and more business teams are starting to recognise the value of adopting Atlassian’s tools and principles.

Atlassian and its robust ecosystem of partners play a crucial role in inspiring enterprises to make the vast cultural and technological shift needed to become truly agile. At Adaptavist we’re excited to be part of this ecosystem and to support enterprises every step of the way through their transformational journey, so they can reap the full benefits of agile faster.

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