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A guiding map for DevOps

Matt Saunders
12 October 21 DevOps
Value stream mapping
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The DevOps Enterprise Summit virtual US event took place from 5-7 October. Our Head of DevOps - Matt Saunders, delivered a brilliant keynote on ‘A Guiding Map for DevOps’. The event was attended by leaders of large, complex organisations implementing DevOps principles and practices.

The summit was a great opportunity to get updates on the world of DevOps, and how different organisations interpret and adopt different ways of implementing DevOps across their businesses. Gene Kim, host of the event, and author of ‘The Phoenix Project’ and ‘The Unicorn Project’ opened each day with his own keynotes and interviews which gave great insight into the wonderful world of DevOps.

You can watch Matt's keynote below:

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In this presentation we cover:

We're getting good at DevOps, with work on maintaining our code in version control, writing good tests, running intelligent CI pipelines, and being able to deploy regularly meaning that the gulf between Dev and Ops has never been narrower. But is this enough? Does doing this well and building competencies in this area shine a light on other problems, and does doing DevOps well always help the whole business improve? We review where we've got to today, how it relates to the rest of the business, and then explore the link between DevOps and Value Streams. Finally, we'll explore some ideas of how it all fits together and what to do next.

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About the authors

Matt Saunders

DevOps Lead in the Office of the CTO at The Adaptavist Group

Matt Saunders is the DevOps Lead in the Office of the CTO at The Adaptavist Group. After being trusted with a root password as a Sysadmin long ago, he now helps teams make the best use of people, processes, and technology to deliver software efficiently and safely.