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5 Trello hacks that don't need automation

5 Trello hacks that don't need automation
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5 Trello hacks that don't need automation

Make Trello work harder for your with these 5 nifty hacks.

Although Trello has acquired the automation tool Butler to bring more power-ups inhouse, there's still plenty of useful shortcuts you can utilise without needing to automate. Here are our top 5 handy tricks to get you started:

Turn emails into cards

Save time creating cards of tasks that have been emailed to you by connecting Trello to your inbox. Open the menu in the board you want to connect, and select ‘more’. From here, select the “email-to-board-settings” and choose which list you’d like your emails to go to.


Now, go to your email. A Trello icon should have appear in your tool bar. Open an email and select the icon. Follow the wizard to sign in to Trello. From there, you can click the Trello icon in the toolbar, to add your open email to your board.

Clone boards

The cloning boards feature is handy if you’re embarking on a very similar project to one you have done before, and are planning to use the same structure. It can also be useful for creating personal boards for new team members or for triaging tasks.

To do so, just go to the board’s menu, click “more” and then “copy board”. Boom, all your cards and their descriptions are copied and ready to go. Note card activities and comments will not copy over to the new board.

When creating a copy of your board, you have options to select which team will be automatically added, and who can view your board.

 You can also copy cards, lists, and checklists.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are a nifty way to save time when you are planning in Trello. Here a few of the most useful to keep in mind:

  • Open cards using the enter key

  • Create new cards by pressing the N key - do this while hovering on the existing card you want the new one to appear under, so save you having to move it once created

  • Filter a board to tasks assigned to you by pressing Q

  • Hit space to assign (or unassign) a card to yourself while it’s open or you’re hovering over it

  • When creating a new card, use the # then type colour or name of the label you want to bring up a list, which you can scroll through with the arrow keys and select with enter

    You can find all the keyboard shortcuts here.

Linking cards

Tasks really exist independently, and we often need quick reference to other cards that relate to, or support what you’re working on. Linking card allows you to do just that.

In the comment of the card you want to link to, select the Trello icon in the farthest right corner, then choose the card you want to connect it to from the drop down menu. Select “add link as an attachment” and your linked card will appear under the description.

Once you’ve done this, you will see the option to “connect cards” under the attachment. You can attach cards on different boards, or even attach a board to a card.

Drag link to new card

Quickly save website pages and articles as Trello cards by dragging the URL into the channel you want. This nifty trick is great for saving inspiring posts or resources.

In split screen mode, grab the URL of the page you want to save, then just drag and drop it into a channel. Trello will create a new card with the web page title, picture, and description. Easy!


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