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4 signs you need Workflow Steps for Jira in Slack

Cindy Yip
8 March 21 Slack
 Illustration of a person using Workflow Steps for Jira App to navigate Slack’s no-code Workflow Builder.

Integrate Jira with Slack for powerful automated workflows.

1. “I use Jira and Slack regularly”

Many companies use a combination of these two platforms, to allow for employees’ maximum productivity. However, this does mean you’re constantly switching between applications, especially if you’re an avid user of both. Context-switching isn’t a new concept and facts and figures aside, we can all agree it’d be easier and quicker to do everything in one place. 

This is where Workflow Steps for Jira seamlessly integrates these two platforms to help you perform everyday tasks and automate routine. Emphasising on one of Slack’s philosophy of, helping you get the most out of your existing tech stack, the app helps to maximise value out of Slack and Jira, making everyday business processes smoother. 

2. “I have regular or recurring tasks in Jira” 

With over 65,000 companies globally using Jira, the possibilities of how you can use Jira are endless. However, there will be times when you need to create or update Jira issues regularly or at scheduled intervals. These frequent updates may be manual and even tedious. Even though it’s something you can do with your eyes closed, the more the manual intervention, the higher the risk of human errors. 

If you already use Slack for the majority of the day, why not perform these commands directly in the platform? Save time and create, update or add comments to a Jira issue by using one of the many triggers in Workflow Builder. This means for those recurring Jira tasks, you can set up the workflow once and set it to trigger whenever you need; even customise inputs each time but know its processing the way it should be. 

3. “I want more collaboration and efficiency”

As a user of Jira, it can be like marmite, you either hate it or love it. Getting everyone on the same page and using it the same way is maybe not impossible, but a challenge. Taking a big generalisation, this could be because for more technical teams, it’s ingrained into their way of working. Whereas, for less technical teams, it takes a bit more time to find the best way to integrate with their day-to-day workflows. 

One of the top negative factors affecting people’s engagement and motivation while remote working, is the absence of ideas and collaboration opportunities. By integrating Jira actions into your Slack conversations, your colleagues can seamlessly trigger your Jira workflows while in Slack. This can help foster idea sharing and decrease the friction of differing team processes, to enable each others’ way of working. It also means issues can be raised or updated and actioned immediately without conversations being interrupted. 

4. “I need a quick fix and have limited development resource” 

Everyone uses Jira and Slack differently, there isn’t a one size fits all. Although Workflow Builders’ aim is to be a no-code solution, this doesn’t mean developers can’t use it if they’re looking for something ‘quick and dirty’ to lessen development resources needed. It’s especially advantageous for those who cannot code, and therefore allows anyone to create a workflow specific to their Jira needs. 

Not only can you create custom workflows for your needs, but if it’s useful for others too, this can be shared with the rest of the team, to be utilised by everyone. If you’re like us and have multiple Jira instances then you can connect the Workflow Steps for Jira app to as many instances as you need. Finally, I’m going to be daring and say it’s probably the lowest cost way to connect your Jira with Slack! 

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