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3 top tips to using permissions in Confluence

Hugh Davey
23 October 19 Confluence
3 top tips to using permissions in Confluence
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3 top tips to using permissions in Confluence

Confluence has permissions at the global level, the space level, and both view and edit permissions for individual pages. You have a lot of control over your content but it can be a little overwhelming if you are new to this level of control.

To get you started, here is our Confluence for beginners How-To video guide to get you using permissions and keeping your content secure in next to no time.

#1 Use groups and global permissions in Confluence

Confluence has three levels of permissions: global permissions, space permissions, and page restrictions. Groups work with global permissions to help set site-wide permissions and determine administrator permissions. Permissions are used to restrict access to certain groups of pages or spaces–allowing admins to hide some spaces or pages from specific users and display them to others. Because of its collaborative nature, permissions are important to share access appropriately. 


#2 Use space permissions in Confluence

Space permissions define who can do what in your space–these permissions can include groups or individual users. You also control anonymous access in your space permissions. Space permissions define view, add, delete, and export capabilities, depending on the specific permission. 

#3 Use page restrictions in Confluence

What if you need to allow someone to view a single page, but not edit it? You can do just that with individual Page Restrictions. In this video, we talk about how to set page restrictions.

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Now you've got the basics of restrictions and permissions, put what you have learned into practice and take your Confluence up a level.

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