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Three reasons why I can't wait for this year's eazyBI Community Days event

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Three reasons why I can't wait for this year's eazyBI Community Days event

Here we are again just a few weeks away from the annual eazyBI Community Days, and I genuinely can't wait!  This year I not only get to network with the eazyBI team I also get an opportunity to present my insights into this great tool, including a new creative way of using it to transform an organization's approach to sales reporting, and management.

Like me, you are probably inundated with invites to networking events.  But our time is valuable, we have work to do, and client promises to keep.  It can be difficult to pick out events that are really worth going to.  The truth is I am pretty fussy about what I spend my time on.  When I receive an invite, I usually scan it to seek out topics and speakers that might interest me, always thinking 'is this worth my time?' 'can I justify going to this?'

From first-hand experience of last year's event, I can assure you that eazyBI Community Days are definitely worth an investment of your time.  If you use eazyBI already or you are just curious about how it could help your business, here are three reasons I am confident it will not disappoint:

1. You get direct access to eazyBI experts

When I say direct, I really mean direct.  You will get to sit right next to an eazyBI expert in the afternoon consulting sessions. You can ask them anything about the product and they will provide you with the information and advice you need. These sessions are open to everyone and are a brilliant way of getting your questions answered by the experts quickly and easily.  

I will admit, the eazyBI product can be a challenge at first as the programming language used to create it can be tricky to follow.  This is where you can really benefit from direct access to the eazyBI experts. They are really supportive, no question is off limits, or out of scope for them.  Once they have explained the basics and helped you to get up and running with your first report, you are all set.  The eazyBI team are one of the most down-to-earth team of experts I have met and getting to meet them at the event will really boost your working relationship with them.  After last year's event, I never hesitate to pick up the phone to the team and ask a question or get their help with a problem.

2. You get the inside track on the latest and greatest eazyBI features

The event which is held over two days showcases all the new features releases.  You can come armed with your future wish-list or share your thoughts on any functionality that you think is missing from the product.  eazyBI seem to genuinely love feedback.  They will share the feature roadmap with you and provide some insight into their plans for future product development. After last year's event, I felt very excited about going back to my Adaptavist colleagues with lots of ideas on how we could use the product and try out the latest features.

3. You get to meet people from different industries and learn about their ideas, use cases and best practices

Think of this event as networking on steroids. You will get to meet so many interesting people from across diverse industries. All with one thing in common - their love of eazyBI!  Over the two days you will be immersed in discussions about the tool and its many uses.  Last year one of the attendees shared how they had implemented eazyBI in their warehouse to measure people engagement and milestones. Their aim was to help their team understand their contribution and feel proud of their achievements.  They displayed a group target dashboard in their warehouse where everyone could view the total number of orders shipped against the target that day.

Hearing about how others use the tool is inspiring, from project teams, to Finance, Human Resources and Marketing, it has so much potential.  This year I am looking forward to hearing Aida Dzuvo from TTTech Computertechnik, share how she successfully rolled-out eazyBI for company-wide reporting.  

See you there?!

Hopefully, I have convinced you that the eazyBI Community Days should not be missed this year.  If you are still deciding (which is totally acceptable) watch out for my next blog where I will share a few insights into my presentation on 'How to visualize, understand and act on Salesforce sales data using eazyBI.'  If you are currently in a sales or finance role, it might just make your life a whole lot simpler!

Sign up to here to take advantage of our special discounted event rate.

If you attended last year's event or plan to go this year, I would love to hear from you! 

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