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Welcome to the Adaptavist Atlassian Ecosystem Podcast

20 March 17 Media
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Welcome to the Adaptavist Atlassian ecosystem Podcast

It's never been a more exciting time in the Atlassian Ecosystem. For anyone working in it, there's just so much to read and learn about. Can't keep up? Adaptavist's Ryan Spilken and Matthew Stublefield are here to help.


What is the Atlassian Ecosystem Podcast all about?

The podcast kicks off with a wide-ranging discussion of the latest and greatest launches, developments and ideas. The aim is to bring you a round-up of what's happening, have a deep dive into what it all might mean for customers, users, partners and Atlassian themselves. The plan is to bring you insights, tips and updates from all kinds of people working with Atlassian software, not just Adaptavists.


What's in Ep. 1?

  • Why is Adaptavist doing a podcast and why has it taken so long? Meet you hosts and find out why we’re doing this.
  • Atlassian Summit 2016 in San Jose – what did we take away from it? How Atlassian is driving forward with initiatives like native support for Data Center and AWS, the joy of zero downtime upgrades, collaborative real-time editing in Confluence and more.
  • News in the Atlassian ecosystem from Q1 2017 Trello, Status Page
  • What’s happening at Adaptavist? The acquisition of Kanoah and how we’re helping people do their work better.
  • Atlassian Certification and Accreditation program The inside track on Atlassian’s accreditation for Atlassian Solutions Partners what’s launched and what's coming up.
  • Atlassian Euro Summit 2017 Looking forward to the first Atlassian Summit in Europe and outlining some of the exciting training that will be happening.
  • Adaptavist ScriptRunner for JIRA Training The first ScriptRunner training is nearly here. Find out what it will cover, how you can get on it and why it's going to be awesome.

If you've questions or suggestions for things you'd like to hear about in future editions of the podcast, email the team at or comment below.


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