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Planning our Lightning Talks for AtlasCamp 2015

Planning our Lightning Talks for AtlasCamp 2015
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Planning our Lightning Talks for AtlasCamp 2015

We're looking forward to AtlasCamp 2015. It's always a great opportunity to talk developer-to-developer about what people are doing with Atlassian software. This year the event is in the beautiful city of Prague so it promises to be a great trip.

One of the most eagerly-awaited parts of AtlasCamp are the Lightning Talks. They're quick, 5 minute talks that are open to everyone. It's something like an open-mic night but you can talk about the latest project you've been working on, tell everyone your best dev tips or show off an add-on or script. Add your topic to the board and the ones with the most votes get airtime.

We sat down to think about what we might offer up as Lightning Talks at AtlasCamp 2015 and came up with a short list of ideas. There are some where we've learnt from a challenge encountered in a client engagement and some that are based on things we're proactively building.

We'd love any feedback or comments about which one(s) would be most interesting. You can comment below or tweet us @adaptavist with your feedback or requests.

  • Writing plugins with less XML. How we're using Atlassian Pocketknife and Spring Scanner with a library of our own to create faster more flexible plugins with less XML
  • How we automate testing and production at Adaptavist. A demonstration of how we use Puppet, some Ruby and shell scripts to automate creation of environments for testing and production
  • Accelerate ScriptRunner use with an IDE. Miss your auto-complete and IDE foo when using ScriptRunner, watch us demonstrate how to be more productive a live coding experience
  • Visualising JIRA information and data. How we use Vis.JS, Chart.js, D3 and ScriptRunner to visualise search results
  • How we made ThemeBuilder faster and why plugin performance matters
  • Using Java 8 and ES6 for plugin development. Our experiences of using the bleeding edge
  • Has your plugin got enough Grunt or does it Gulp? Using a full Javascript tool chain for plugin development

Comment below or Tweet us @adaptavist if any of these sound interesting or let us know any other topics you'd like to hear from us. Look forward to seeing you in Prague for AtlasCamp 2015!

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