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How to become a Confluence power user

How to become a Confluence power user
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How to become a Confluence power user

Confluence gives project teams a single place to collaborate and share information. It's a powerful platform that integrates with other Atlassian tools to add context and support across the application lifecycle. Most people find it easy to get up-and-running with Confluence but we find that some hands-on training helps you to become a Confluence power user.

#1: Advanced admin understanding

In our training course 'Getting More From Confluence', participants gain a thorough understanding of the advanced admin and user features that will help them successfully implement a Confluence environment back in their own organisations. Getting to grips with configuring Confluence's global settings and the Administration Console lets you manage users and permissions.

#2: Customising Templates

In terms of building sites, Confluence comes with a set of templates for creating Documentation, Team or Knowledge-Base spaces. Our course leaders show you how to create and configure these and how to customise look and feel and layout to create the wiki that's right for your needs and your users.

Confluence power users also need a detailed understanding of using and modifying Confluence blueprints. Confluence Blueprints are a library of useful template pages that includes meeting notes, file lists, how-to articles, task reports and product requirement specs.

#3: Dynamic content

Making use of Confluence's advanced content creation tools, including Confluence macros, will give you the ability to make customised dashboards and spaces that give users everything they need. There are over 70 macros shipped with Confluence, enabling users to easily add extra functionality or dynamic content to a page. Included out-of-the-box are macros related to displaying activity streams, content by user, recently updated content, Jira issues, tables of contents and search results.

#4: Extending Confluence with Add-Ons

There are many Confluence add-ons available, such as Confluence Questions, Team Calendars, Gliffy and Confluence Chat. These are powerful tools to make your content and functionality even more engaging, rich and tailored to specific needs and business processes. While Add-Ons are generally easy to install, there are some golden rules when it comes to managing and maintaining them.

Confluence power user training options

Adaptavist offers flexible knowledge transfer and training in all aspects of the Atlassian eco-system. Our team have extensive experience working with Confluence and tailoring it for specific business scenarios. Besides our Confluence sessions, we also deliver a range of Jira courses, either onsite or via webinar. In addition, we can create a tailored Atlassian training program around your own requirements.

For more information about the Getting More from Confluence course, or on any of the other Atlassian training options we provide, contact the Adaptavist Academy now.

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