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Forms for Confluence Server gets new ratings feature and two new matrices

7 September 17 Confluence
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Forms for Confluence Server gets new ratings feature and two new matrices

Improve your form layout and get better feedback with three great new macros.

Power-up your polls, questionnaires, surveys, and forms with version 7.6.0 of Forms for Confluence Server. In this version we're introducing the checkbox matrix, radio matrix and the star rating macro. These new features allow you to simplify, shorten and improve engagement with your forms.


Make it even easier to get information from users

Have you ever run into the challenge where you wanted to get feedback on a specific topic that has a couple of questions baked into it? Traditionally, you could set up a page with each question in that topic, but what happens if those questions have the same responder feedback options? You could end up with a form that's long and repetitive. The radio and checkbox matrices offer you a short and user-friendly solution.

Checkbox matrix macro

Checkbox matrices give you the ability to select multiple options per field. Let's say you're organising an event and want to find out what times your attendees are available to meet with your VIP guests. You want to cluster people into manageable groups so that the VIPs and attendees get to spend a decent amount of time together (and that the VIPs don't get swarmed!). Adding the checkbox matrix to your form, allows your attendees to respond with multiple times that they can talk to the VIPs.

Checkbox matrix macro in Forms for Confluence Server

Radio matrix macro

The radio matrix is used to record one response in a given field. Returning to the event example, we could use a radio matrix if we wanted to gauge interest about a talk in order to book the correct size room. Here we don't want the responder to give us multiple options per field (that would defeat the purpose!), all we want to know is if the responder is definitely attending or might attend.

Radio matrix macro in Forms for Confluence Server

Star rating macro

The introduction of the star rating macro gives you a visual way to encourage feedback from your users. This macro introduces three styles of rating; stars, hearts, and smilies. You can even attach labels to each icon to qualify them, like average, good or excellent. This can be used to get feedback for your own survey or you can use it to measure users feelings on a specific topic.

Star rating matrix macro in Forms for Confluence Server

If you've already got Forms for Confluence server on your Confluence instance, these updates are available for you to install now.

Haven't got Forms for Confluence yet? Head over to our Atlassian Marketplace page and start your no obligation free trial today.

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