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Atlassian taking steps to become vendor of choice for DevOps

Dominique Summers
27 September 18 DevOps
Atlassian taking steps to become vendor of choice for DevOps
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Atlassian taking steps to become vendor of choice for DevOps

Jira Ops announcement and OpsGenie acquisition 

Our resident Head of DevOps, Matt Saunders, chats about the latest news from Atlassian as they expand their product offering to include a powerful incident management solution.

As organisations move to buy tools to support and enhance their DevOps initiatives, Atlassian's announcement of Jira Ops solidifies its position as the vendor of choice for DevOps. 

Jira Ops and OpsGenie 

At last week's Summit Europe 2018, Scott Farquar, Co-Founder of Atlassian, announced their acquisition of OpsGenie, a leader in incident alerting and communication software. In addition, Atlassian introduced a new member of their growing product family, Jira Ops. Jira Ops is a unified incident command center designed to be a one-stop-shop for response coordination.

With the capability to integrate with other leading DevOps tools on the market, Jira Ops guides your team seamlessly through a response workflow, automating common steps so you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time you experience an incident. 

Their release of Jira Ops coupled with the acquisition of OpsGenie firmly places Atlassian at the core of the critical 'operate and maintain' phases of the DevOps cycle. In addition, Atlassian's Jira Core solution provides a robust tool to co-ordinate all your workflows together.

Whenever an incident occurs, whether or not it results in a service interruption for customers – it's crucial as part of the post-mortem process to be able to piece together a clear picture of what occurred so that the root cause can be established and resolved quickly. Jira Ops provides a natural place to collect this information in a structured, usable and visible way which helps organisations learn from how they respond to problems and improve their processes to prevent a repetition.

This move positions Atlassian as a leader in DevOps tools  

Traditionally, Atlassian applications have been focused on the development aspect of software delivery, however, as a result of the mass adoption of DevOps, Atlassian have taken the steps to expand their offering in this growing space too. Providing a visible interface from which to co-ordinate a response enhances and formalises the feedback loop which is essential to teams working in a DevOps style.

Atlassian's team playbook provides flexible instructions to help teams work together better. Recent releases such as the playbooks for teams for incident response provides comprehensive guidance on how to respond to incidents effectively.

Tools to help us implement DevOps best practice

It's considered best practice to consolidate data from monitoring systems, notification systems, and textual narratives all in one place. Having a ready-made incident management solution, right inside Jira – a tool relied upon by a significant number of leading enterprises – provides that extra level of transparency needed throughout the DevOps cycle. This enables learnings from outages and problems to be fed right back into the development cycle – a process that increases reliability and uptime and makes the organisation better as a whole.

Taking a three-pronged approach to DevOps

It's important to remember that DevOps is not just about the tools you use and how you use them. Its about taking a closer look at how your organisation operates and connecting the dots between your people, processes and tools. As a platinum partner of Atlassian, we work with customers to support them through every aspect of their DevOps journey. Aware that tools alone cannot guarantee success, we focus on helping organisations embrace change, improve collaboration and build a DevOps culture that sets them on the right path to achieve their vision.

Chat with our team of experts today to discover how we can support your organisation to achieve DevOps success.

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