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Adaptavist becomes Atlassian Specialized Partner in ITSM

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Adaptavist, experts in enterprise software and solutions, announced it is now an official Atlassian Specialized Partner in ITSM. A validation of Atlassian's Platinum Solution Partner's deep knowledge, extensive experience, and delivery of consistent, high-quality services to optimise customer satisfaction and outcomes.

Adaptavist has achieved the Atlassian ITSM Specialization since the program was launched on 5 April 2022, and is proud to also be an Atlassian Specialized Partner in cloud and agile at scale.

"Atlassian would like to recognise Adaptavist for their specialised delivery practice, as they have proven success implementing service management principles based on ITIL methodology for improved satisfaction and cost-efficiencies. The level of commitment in the ITSM Specialization Program recognises these Atlassian Partners' effort and dedication to delivering consistent, high-quality services to optimise a customer's experience and success."
Ko Mistry, Head of Global Channel at Atlassian

"We are delighted to become an accredited Atlassian Specialized Partner in ITSM. This acknowledgement is a testament to our team of experts and the high-quality solutions we provide to our clients. Being a Specialized Partner in cloud migrations, agile at scale, and now ITSM shows the full scope of exceptional service we offer to customers that will enable us to support them on their digital transformation journey, now and for the future."
Mike Maheu, Global Head of Professional Services at Adaptavist

Learn more about Adaptavists ITSM solutions to see how our expertise will add value to your organisation.

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