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Atlassian Intelligence: AI capabilities that transform team work

AP Mathews
AP Mathews
3 February 24 ITSM
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Introducing Atlassian Intelligence: AI capabilities that transform teamwork

As a proud partner of Atlassian, we are excited to introduce its latest groundbreaking solution: Atlassian Intelligence. Atlassian Intelligence integrates artificial intelligence (AI) across a suite of solutions, empowering you to take teamwork to unprecedented heights.

Atlassian Intelligence provides a comprehensive solution through seamless integrations with Atlassian's service management, agile and DevOps, work management, and cloud offerings. Its virtual teammates are available to help at all stages of your workflow, using AI to drive the productivity of individuals so the entire team can operate at an elevated level.

In this blog, we'll explore the exciting capabilities of Atlassian Intelligence. We’ll delve into how it accelerates productivity, enables teams to extract valuable insights from organisational data, and drives better teamwork through AI-powered automation. Let’s jump in.

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Boosting service management efficiency

In a recent blog post, we wrote about how ITSM solutions like Gaspar AI can help lighten the load of the internal help desk, reducing the number of repetitive, manual tasks for your service desk teams. With similar ambitions to reduce drudgery for service desk teams, Atlassian Intelligence’s AI-powered virtual agents in Jira Service Management streamline the support process. Using a specialised AI-powered virtual teammate, you can respond to help requests on Slack, reducing human workload while maintaining quality of service. Additionally, the request type suggestions feature lets Jira Service Management admins quickly create requests with just a few words of prompting.

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Streamlining agile and DevOps processes

Tools are only one part of the story when it comes to agile transformation— they are not a silver bullet. However, technology can support individuals in doing their best work and help them work with speed, efficiency, and excellence—which drives the team to operate at peak performance.

Atlassian Intelligence accelerates individual productivity. Generative AI in the editor allows the instant creation of user stories within Jira Software tickets. It allows you to create more human-like responses by changing the tone of a customer response from factual to empathetic within Jira Service Management. Additionally, Bitbucket code reviewer (coming soon) uses AI to review pull request diffs and suggests changes around syntax and code conventions. It frees up human reviewers to examine critical changes.

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Enhancing work management productivity

In our blog post ‘Tackling information overload with work management tools’, we explain the consequences of information overload. When not appropriately managed, tools can hinder team member performance and damage productivity, causing mental and emotional strain that can lead to burnout.

"Atlassian Intelligence has been a game changer for me. On a personal level, it’s helped cut down on tedious tasks, so I can get to action faster. For my team, it’s helping us make smarter decisions by providing insights and predictions, leading to better-informed, strategic choices." Sierra Dasso, Work Management Leader at Atlassian. Read our full ‘Special work management report: Productivity is not a place here.

Through the power of AI, Atlassian Intelligence enhances work management productivity. AI-powered summaries in Confluence help you get up to speed on any topic with AI-generated summaries, plus easily and rapidly resolve incidents in Jira Service Management. Through Natural language automation (coming soon) in Confluence, you can automate actions quickly in a natural, more human approach. Natural communication is critical, and it’s now more realistic with the aid of AI technology. With Natural language to JQL, you can use natural language to find issues and their dependencies more easily and quickly in Jira Software or Jira Work Management. Finally, Q&A search in Confluence (beta version) goes beyond simple search results to give you more extensive results. It locates actionable information by asking questions about projects, workflows, policies, or processes.

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Leveraging AI in the Cloud

AI is here to transform the way we work—and the way we do teamwork. Atlassian wants to approach the future of teamwork together, in line with the values we all share. Human-AI collaboration should empower teams by boosting individual productivity and providing instant access to insights and data. Your teams can leverage data to simplify and drive better decision-making. 

Atlassian Intelligence capabilities are available in the Premium and Enterprise editions of Atlassian’s cloud products. If you would like to explore how to leverage AI in the cloud, we can help.

Whether you are building business-critical applications or modern applications, there are several benefits of shifting to the cloud. Moving to the cloud can cut costs by reducing the total cost of ownership; it can increase business agility, flexibility, and innovation; and it can improve business value and performance through operational resilience.

Planning and implementing a move to the cloud isn't always a simple task, so if you need additional support, we can help develop a cloud strategy that's right for your business and your users' needs. Wherever you are on your journey— whether you’re at the beginning of the process and want to migrate low-risk workloads, or you’re looking to adopt a fully cloud-first strategy—we can help with our expertise and adoption of best practices.

Together with Atlassian, we are committed to reshaping the way teams work, ensuring that every team can unleash its full potential.

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