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Revolutionise your internal help desk with Gaspar AI

Effie Bagourdi
Effie Bagourdi
7 November 23 ITSM
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Revolutionise your internal help desk with Gaspar AI

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, help desk support ticket volume and resolution time have risen dramatically. Along with this increase, there is an inevitable rise in repetitive, manual tasks for your service desk teams. But did you know that ITSM solutions can help lighten the load?

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Unleashing the power of artificial intelligence for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

ITSM establishes processes and procedures that optimise the use of technology and the services built around it, and its platforms can help you to align your people, processes and technology. Ultimately, ITSM can bolster your agile initiatives and play a key role in your agile transformation.

Add value to your organisation

  • ITSM solutions can add rocket fuel to your agile initiatives. Here are some of the benefits to your organisation:
  • Teams increase their productivity with access to the right tools and technology
  • More efficient processes reduce operational IT costs
  • Drives collaboration amongst your teams
  • Enables your teams to solve technology problems quickly
  •  Future-proof and scalable solutions that thrive in a high-velocity and dynamic environment
  • Identifies areas for improvement through data and reporting functions

Effortless team member helpdesk support

One tool that takes ITSM several steps further and makes life easier for help desks and internal service desk teams is Gaspar AI. Gaspar AI uses a Generative AI chatbot to resolve recurrent team member IT issues without human involvement instantly. Plus, it uses workflow automation to automate repetitive internal processes.

Gaspar AI can handle repetitive IT and HR tasks such as team member onboarding and password resets, decreasing manual work by up to 80% and auto-resolving up to 40% of team member requests. It significantly reduces manual effort, improves productivity and ensures faster ticket resolution (when the issue is not automatically resolved). Plus, your teams can concentrate on strategic, impactful projects by offloading repetitive, routine tasks.

AI-powered solutions like Gaspar AI can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your helpdesk by automating repetitive tasks, providing instant responses, and leveraging data-driven insights to optimise your support processes. Now, you can maximise the skills of your support team, who remain invaluable for more complex or specialised ticket resolutions that require critical thinking and personalised assistance.

Examples of how Gaspar AI can automatically handle HR requests include:

  • "How many days of vacation do I have left?"
  • "What is my sick leave allowance?"
  • "When was the last time I took some time off?"

Examples of Gaspar AI instant automated support to team members for IT requests include:

  • "Add me to xxx email distribution list.”
  • "I need access to the xxx folder."
  • "I need to set up a VPN.”

The platform goes beyond the services and responses of a typical chatbot. It uses cutting-edge AI technology, machine learning and a chatbot trained on a large language model (a type of AI that can mimic human intelligence) to provide natural, intelligent resolutions to issues with a human-like touch.

Gaspar AI integrates with over 30 applications, such as Slack, Zoom, Google Workspace and Jira Service Management and enables over 100 automations. Team members can use it to automatically resolve team member issues by chatting via Slack, MS Teams or Jira SM support portal with the GPT-powered AI chatbot. What's more, currently, it is the only chatbot available in the market to auto-resolve issues on the cloud JSM self-service portal. 

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Our partnership

The Adaptavist and Gaspar AI partnership

Adaptavist and Gaspar AI are partnering to help organisations optimise their service desk operations. The new partnership will combine cloud-based tools with expert integration services and support, making it easier to drive innovation, efficiency, productivity and collaboration across your organisation.

Together, we aim to empower organisations to streamline processes, increase efficiency and improve customer experience as part of their digital transformation journey.

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How Adaptavist can help

Helping you choose and implement tools like Gaspar AI is only a fraction of our services. With our extensive solutions, we can help transform and modernise your ITSM and deliver value to your entire organisation.

From your people and culture to your processes and the technology you use to make them happen, we follow a holistic approach that is orientated around your customers whilst incorporating agile frameworks and DevOps-approved collaboration.

Our ITSM solutions include:

·        Discovery assessment

·        Implementation and migration

·        Optimisation

·        Tool-based training

·        Managed services

Our partnerships

Our ITSM partnerships with platforms like Gaspar AI enable us to deliver solutions that drive organisational agility. Aside from Gaspar AI, we are a Platinum Atlassian Solutions Partner and a Platinum Marketplace Partner. We also partner with Apptio, Slack,, AWS, GitLab, Aha! and more.

About Gaspar AI

Gaspar AI is a Generative AI platform that transforms team member support. With an advanced LLM-trained chatbot, it auto-resolves issues on Slack, MS Teams and the JSM support portal in natural language and automates workflows. It integrates with JSM, ServiceNow, Freshservice and most ITSM platforms to optimise your service desk operations.

For more information, visit:

About Adaptavist

Adaptavist is a global technology and innovative solutions provider, helping organisations boost agility and overcome the challenges of digital transformation. Founded in 2005, its team spans over 900 employees globally, with an 18,000+ customer base representing more than half of the Fortune 500.

Adaptavist supports customers with applications, consultancy, agile implementation, app integration, training, managed services and licensing solutions – through solid partnerships with Atlassian (a Platinum Atlassian Solutions Partner and a Platinum Marketplace Partner) as well as partnerships with Slack,, AWS, GitLab, Aha!, and more. The company has been awarded the Queen's Awards for Enterprise and Deloitte's Technology Fast 50.

Media Contact:

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Ready to take the next step in your ITSM transformation journey?

Gaspar AI's Virtual Agent is built from the ground up to work in Slack, MS Teams and JSM and seamlessly integrates on top of your existing applications without switching costs. Plus, we can deploy it in as little as 30 minutes. Contact us below if you'd like to discuss your specific circumstances and learn more about how Gaspar AI can meet your organisational needs.

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