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Celebrating our Channel Partner Awards Winners

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We are celebrating the winners of our Channel Partner Awards and their charitable contributions.

Adaptavist values the exceptional efforts and contributions of our Channel Partners. We recently announced the winners of our 2023 Channel Partner awards. While we usually present physical awards to honour our winners, we wanted to let our partners make a difference beyond the business this year. We are thrilled to introduce a new aspect to our Channel Partner Awards, allowing our partners to select a charity close to their hearts. Adaptavist will contribute to the chosen charity on behalf of our partners.

Making a difference together

Our four winners participated in this initiative by choosing charities with causes they cherish. We want to highlight the selected non-profits and the impact they have on communities around the world.

ACA Group and International Red Cross

ACA Group have selected the International Red Cross as their designated charity. The International Red Cross is a global humanitarian organisation that assists those affected by disasters, conflicts, and emergencies. Their tireless efforts have saved countless lives and brought hope to some of the most vulnerable populations worldwide.

Blue Ridge Consultants and Doctors Without Borders

Blue Ridge has chosen Doctors Without Borders as their charity. Doctors Without Borders, also known as Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), is an international medical humanitarian organisation providing medical aid where it is needed the most. Their volunteer medical professionals work selflessly under challenging circumstances to treat victims of various crises, including war, natural disasters, and epidemics.

catworkx and Mission Erde

catworkx has decided to support Mission Erde. This charitable organisation focuses on environmental conservation and sustainability. Mission Erde plays a crucial role in protecting our planet through various initiatives, including wildlife preservation, reforestation projects, and raising awareness about climate change.

Amrut Software and Rotary

Lastly, Amrut Software for their choice of Rotary as the recipient of their donation. Rotary is an international service organisation that aims to bring positive change to communities worldwide. They work on various projects, addressing issues such as access to clean water, healthcare, education, and promoting peace.

A worthy celebration

The opportunity to contribute to meaningful causes further enhances the spirit of celebration. So, we invite everyone to join us in celebrating our Channel Partners winners of 2023 and applauding their choice of charities. At Adaptavist, we firmly believe that small acts of kindness and contributions, both big and small, accumulate to generate a significant impact on society.

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