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What’s new from Adaptavist for Remote Summit 2020

What’s new from Adaptavist for Remote Summit 2020
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What’s new from Adaptavist for Remote Summit 2020

This year’s event is going to be unique for many reasons, and although customers won’t be able to visit the Adaptavist booth in-person, we still want to share all the innovation we’ve been releasing lately. 

Adaptavist will have a virtual booth at Summit which will be staffed during summit hours. To find it, you need to be registered for the Atlassian Remote Summit.

During the event, log in and navigate your way to the sponsors’ area to chat with us! 

So, here's what's new:

Boost your efficiency with six new Trello Power-Ups 

Working from home has abruptly become business-critical for knowledge workers. So, if you’re struggling to get organised, keep on top of your endless ‘to-do’ list or to stay focused on the task at hand, we’ve added six new Power-Ups to help. 

  1. Board Export for Trello - export and share your Trello board to improve team communication and engagement
  2. Private Notes for Trello - be better organised and store private notes on Trello boards quickly and securely.
  3. Time Tracking for Trello - see where the most time is being invested and by whom on projects to improve visibility and efficiency.
  4. Due Next for Trello - keep the focus on what’s next to stay on track, communicate better and provide visibility to your team.
  5. Card Delete for Trello - the simplest and quickest way to delete cards on Trello.
  6. Daily Updates for Trello - quickly share regular updates on Trello to improve communication and collaboration.

Do more on Trello with Adaptavist Power-Ups

Archive old issues with ease with Scaled Archiving with ScriptRunner for Jira Data Center 

It’s easy to find thousands of old Jira issues which need to be archived, especially in large Data Center deployments. And, as Jira limits archiving activity to 1000 issues at a time, admins often find themselves overwhelmed by time-consuming archiving tasks. 

In just a few clicks, Scaled Archiving automatically crawls through your Jira instance to archive thousands of historical issues in one fell swoop - eliminating hours of manual work and a ton of admin hassle. 

Say goodbye to issue archiving hell today

New Adaptavist Library Scripts

 In the last few months we’ve added dozens of ready-to-use scripts to the Adaptavist Library, so be sure to check them out. Two of our favourite collections include:

The Data Center Admin Toolkit:‌ Everything you need to streamline performance, ensure correct practices are respected across the business, and keep your Jira instance tidy and clutter-free.

Custom Email Notifications with ScriptRunner and Email this Issue: These nifty scripts by our partners at ‌Meta INF‌ help you send customised emails from Jira by creating templates tailored to your needs.

Access our full script library

Bringing gold-standard agility to your enterprise with Adaptavist Enterprise Cloud

Teams  are facing constant pressure to deliver at scale and help businesses stay competitive in challenging times. We can carry the burden of keeping your systems up and running for even the most complex of enterprises.

Adaptavist's end-to-end Atlassian Managed Services for Enterprise Cloud provides teams with gold-standard agile managed services, tool optimisation, add-on app management and premium support. Giving teams everything they need to collaborate with ease and embed agile practices and values into everything they do.

Start maximising your team’s performance today

Achieve business agility with SAFe 5.0 with Atlassian tools

Organisations know they need to transform to survive in this new reality,  The Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprise® (SAFe®) supports organisations to innovate faster and work leaner. Adaptavist tailors its SAFe® transformations for organisations to their specific challenges, goals, and needs.

With the launch of SAFe 5.0, we’ve revised our SAFe® solutions to reflect evolutions in agile practices and new core competencies the 5.0 framework offers.

The new white paper will be available for download shortly here

Drive transformation from the inside, out with Adaptavist Agile mentoring 

 As organisations scale and become more complex, siloed teams and inefficient ways of working can become embedded in company culture, making it difficult for organisations to pivot and maintain a competitive edge.

Our agile mentoring workshops help kick-start transformation by uncovering small opportunities for change that can immediately improve how your teams work.

Designed to address intricate business challenges, our sessions bring teams together to form a true understanding of how value is delivered — and where proactive improvements can be made.

Take the first step on your journey to meaningful transformation today

Upskill your teams with expert Jira training for all levels

 Now more than ever, it is essential for all teams to have the best Jira training available, regardless of their level. In our new Learn for Jira app we have the most updated training videos that meet the need of a person who has never heard of Jira before, or of the administrator who needs to run Jira at scale for a large enterprise, and literally everything in-between. 

And, we don't just teach you what happens when you click a button, we also talk about when you should click it, why, who you should talk with, and what all needs to be considered as part of a configuration decision.

Try Learn for Jira for FREE now

Join us at Remote Summit 2020 to experiment, learn, and grow. Together!

Our experts will be on hand to answer your question and chat through anything with you. Come and see us at the virtual sponsors’ area! 

See you soon on a screen near you!!


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