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What Atlassian training questions did Summit attendees have?

Ryan Spilken
11 November 15 Atlassian
What Atlassian training questions did Summit attendees have?
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What Atlassian training questions did Summit attendees have?

The Adaptavist Academy team had a tremendous week at Summit. The training sessions we led were a major highlight with Adaptavist's four instructors presenting seven sessions covering topics including Agile development, Atlassian developer tools and administering JIRA.

Each session was attended by 80+ participants with a wide cross-section of roles. From product owners to Scrum Masters, developers to system administrators and more, all came with challenges and questions about how they could get the most out of Atlassian software in their organisation. In this blog we look at some of the Atlassian training questions that we addressed at Summit.

How do I support Agile development with Atlassian dev tools?

Many Enterprises have begun embracing Agile methodologies to help their development teams work smarter and more efficiently. Atlassian 's developer-centric tools are the perfect complement and Jamie Sawyer took attendees through the methods and best practices for maximising their use of Bitbucket and Bamboo, and integrating these with JIRA Agile.

Attendees in this session were looking find out about topics such as managing deployment over longer timescales, gained an understanding of how to apply Git-flow style processes in their own work and how to integrate Atlassian tools with specific applications used in their industry.

How can I make more use of workflows in JIRA?

Workflows are an essential part of JIRA task management. Many JIRA users understand their power and want to make the most out of them. Christian Czaia led Getting More from JIRA Workflows, taking attendees through conditions, validators, post-functions and both status and transition properties.

Students in this session were curious about how best to structure projects, how Agile boards were related to workflows in terms of the definition of Done, how the simplified workflow was different from regular workflows and best practices for using workflow properties.

How do power users manage JIRA?

The key to effective implementation and use of JIRA is in the administration. Adaptavist's Matthew Stublefield is a recognised expert in the subject, regularly helping our clients with advanced set-up and tuning of JIRA.

Those who attended JIRA Administration Part 1 were keen to understand the ins and outs of project configuration, fields and screens, workflow administration, and best practices for project management. Discussions were abundant in the class, ranging from management theory to best practices for setting up unique JIRA instances.

How can I help my organisation manage issues in an Agile way?

JIRA Agile gives users the tools to manage issues in an Agile way including the power to create work boards. In Getting More from JIRA Agile, Adaptavist's head of training, Emma Rush, led students through the process of creating and configuring Scrum and Kanban boards, ways to harness the power of Agile at scale and an overview of Agile reporting tools.

Session attendees were eager to discuss how to help their companies move into Agile methodologies and quizzed us about best practices for going Agile, best practices for Agile teams, and how to manage permissions across projects.

Every session was peppered with questions from attendees eager and we always try to incorporate these into the sessions. We find that it helps them go back to their work with a deeper understanding of the technology and underlying techniques applicable to their unique needs. At Summit, this resulted in engaging conversations where we were able to take a deep dive with learners, hopefully inspiring to do even more with Atlassian tools.

If you want help increasing the speed of adoption and the effectiveness of Atlassian tools in your organisation, contact the Adaptavist Academy team to discuss your specific scenarios and challenges.

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