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Want to work and travel? Become a digital nomad

Elena Francis
Elena Francis
2 November 22
Woman pinning locations on a globe

Want to work and travel? Become a digital nomad

Do you ever gaze out of a rain-slapped window when you’re working and wish you were relaxing on a sunny beach with an azure sea and golden sand instead? Do you wish holidays didn’t have to end so quickly? Do you have a bucket list of places to see that grows longer every month? Then the digital nomad life might just be for you.

As a record number of people are now working remotely, they can telecommute where they choose with just a laptop and a reliable internet connection. Digital nomads are people who travel and experience new places while fully working online. Seeing global attractions, learning about new cultures, and enjoying new cuisines can enormously improve people’s quality of life. Many countries worldwide are capitalising on this mobile talent by introducing—or planning to—digital nomad visas, including Spain, Barbados, Brazil, and Malaysia.

At Adaptavist, our team can work from wherever works best for them, whether it’s in one of our offices, their home, a coffee shop, or a collection of international destinations. Our Compliance and Security Manager Siggy Sveinsson experienced the digital nomad lifestyle for five weeks. He enjoyed working and taking in the sights around Italy and France with his wife and three children. He and his wife worked remotely, while the kids found ways to entertain themselves.

Their trip started with two days in Venice. As it was the weekend, they spent their entire time indulging in touristy ventures, such as navigating the canals via gondola. From here, they headed to the ancient capital Rome for five days and the start of the work week. Siggy and his wife decided to start the work day an hour earlier, so they could finish early and spend more family time together taking in the local attractions. However, Siggy ran into internet speed issues at his Airbnb, which impacted a critically important work meeting. Fortunately, Adaptavist rented some nearby office space with a fantastic internet connection for him to work from for the day. Taking in the sights like the Parthenon and Colosseum while gobbling that famous Italian cuisine went without any issues!

Siggy and family on Venice's canals
Siggy and his family relaxing on one of Venice's famous canals.

From the ancient capital, the family headed to the gorgeous island of Sardinia for 11 days. Their temporary home here was part of a house exchange, where they swapped homes with a local. It provided jaw-dropping views over the sea that complimented the perfect sunny weather (while Siggy’s native Iceland was enduring snow). Despite their beautiful countryside surroundings, the internet connection was limited. Siggy’s camera remained off during his meetings, and his children had to stay off YouTube for a while.

The view from the Sardinia flat
The seaside view from the Sardinia flat.

For their next stop, the Sveinsson family decided to enjoy the high life in Antibes on the French Riviera for ten days. Their accommodation came with a sleek view of yachts on the water. Siggy also spent the day with an old friend while his family took a day trip to luxurious Cannes. Continuing their Gallic adventure, they spent their last week in chic Paris. Siggy is very familiar with the city, so they booked an Airbnb in a fantastic location overlooking the river, a perfect base to work and check out the sights, including the Eiffel Tower. 

The view from the Antibes balcony
The view of yachts at the harbour from the Antibes balcony.

Tips for planning a digital nomad escape

  • Consider time zone differences when deciding how to work and how it will affect your colleagues, meetings, and work schedule.
  • Pick accommodation with strong and reliable internet connections, as this will save a lot of headaches.
  • Siggy mostly opted for city breaks, giving his family an abundance of tourist activities to do, entertainment for his children, and self-catering options like supermarkets. He recommends to see what amenities different locations offer digital nomads. 
  • Check if there are any visa requirements for your destination of choice before you make plans. Even if you don’t need a visa, tax purposes may limit the duration of your stay.

Have you ever dreamed of working for a flexible company that lets you travel while you work? Check out our careers page and take the first step to become a digital nomad.

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