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Use ScriptRunner to fix Jira misconfigurations

Jamie Echlin
7 August 19 Jira
Use ScriptRunner to fix Jira misconfigurations
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Use ScriptRunner to fix Jira misconfigurations

A few days ago this blog, about Jira misconfigurations, circulated on Medium and social media. Although in truth this is not a new issue.

It's easy to misconfigure Jira in a way that accidentally allows that user information to be retrieved by unauthenticated users. Less importantly, saved filter and dashboard names can also be accessed anonymously, which might provide clues about upcoming features, or leak internal info.

In recent releases Atlassian have strived to make it much clearer when you are sharing publicly, rather than just sharing within your internal organisation, but nevertheless Jira instances may already have many public filters and dashboards.

A quick fix with ScriptRunner for Jira

Fixing these is manual and time-consuming, so we have written a script for ScriptRunner for Jira (Server and Data Center) that will report and fix these by simply replacing the single Public permission with an "Authenticated Users" permission. 

Copy it into Script Console (Admin -> Script Console) and hit the Run button. It will list the three possible problem areas - which are:

  1. Anyone having the Browse Users permission
  2. Saved filters shared with Public (or Everyone in older versions)
  3. Saved dashboards shared with Public

If you are happy to have it fix all of these change the FIX_MODE = false to true, and re-run.

Some filters may not be able to be fixed if the owner has been deactivated - check for log messages. In these cases you could just delete the filters, or bulk transfer ownership to another user.

If you don't have ScriptRunner for Jira installed, get an evaluation license to run this as a once-off.

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