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Update for all Footnotes for Confluence users

Update for all Footnotes for Confluence users
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Update for all Footnotes for Confluence users

Since 2010, Footnotes has helped Confluence users accurately include references and footnotes on their Confluence pages.

Footnotes finds a new home in Content Formatting for Confluence

As Confluence has evolved in features and functionality, Footnotes has become less of a full feature and more of a, well, footnote. That's why next Tuesday (23/05/2017), Footnotes for Confluence will find a new home in our content creator add-on, Content Formatting for Confluence.

What does this mean?

The Confluence evolution has meant that over the years we’ve updated Footnotes to ensure its continued stability but haven’t, until now, been able to invest in redeveloping it or extending its functionality. Therefore, we'll soon be archiving the add-on and will no longer support new versions of Confluence.

If you already have Footnotes installed in your Confluence instance, you will be able to continue to use it. The only change will be that we won't be releasing updates for future versions of Confluence. You'll still be able to find Footnotes for Confluence on the Marketplace for the next two weeks while the transition occurs after which it will be available under our archived Add-Ons listing.

If you have any questions about updating Content Formatting for Confluence please visit its Support Portal.

You can Still Get Footnotes in Content Formatting for Confluence

If you have a license for Content Formatting for Confluence, you’ll receive this Footnotes functionality for free when you update Content Formatting to version 6.0.0. If you have both add-ons, when you upgrade to Content Formatting for Confluence version 6.0.0 you'll get all the new functionality and we will automatically disable the old Footnotes for Confluence installation for you.

As a suite of tools that improves the effectiveness of your content, Content Formatting for Confluence is a natural home for Footnotes for Confluence. Moving Footnotes functionality to Content Formatting for Confluence also means that we can dedicate time to redeveloping, better supporting and allowing for future growth.

New and updated Footnotes functionality

When Content Formatting for Confluence version 6.0.0 goes live, you'll find the following new and updated Footnotes functionality:

  • A Modern UI
  • Inline footnotes preview
  • The ability to add BibTeX references

If you would like to see how the Content Formatting Add-On can enhance your Confluence content you can start a free trial here.

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