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Unlocking real-world outcomes with Value Stream Mapping

Matt Saunders
15 December 21 DevOps
Value stream mapping

Increasing collaboration between teams to create customer value is now essential to doing business in the modern enterprise. But while understanding and reimagining how value is created through streams (rather than functional processes) becomes ever more important, realising the value stream and creating value for stakeholders while carrying on with business as usual is challenging.

Watch Adaptavist's Matt Saunders - Head of DevOps, John Turley - Digital Transformation Consultant and Plandek's COO, Will Lytle, as they discuss unseen challenges that mean Value Stream Mapping often fails to deliver results in the real world, and share some of the leading-edge thinking and practices they use to overcome them.

Unlocking real-world outcomes with Value Stream Mapping

For organisations to track the impact of their agile / DevOps transformation, they need insights and metrics to understand what is working well, and what isn’t.

Adaptavist offers intelligent insights and value stream management solutions. We also provide expert agile and DevOps consultancy, and partner with Plandek to embed metrics, enabling organisations to become data-driven.

Find out about how Adaptavist’s VSM and DevOps services, and our partner solutions, can transform your organisation.

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