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Unlock the full power of your apps with Adaptavist Library

Unlock the full power of your apps with Adaptavist Library
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Unlock the full power of your apps with Adaptavist Library

Adaptavist is proud to bring you a brand new service to help you make the most of our apps - say hello to the Adaptavist Library!

And no, the Adaptavist Library doesn't mean more reading for you, in fact quite the opposite. Through this library, we have created a resource where you can search and access ready-made functionality, copy the relevant code and execute it inside the app you are using, and voila, mission accomplished!

Getting Started

Sounds simple right? It really is and here's an example to prove it; let's say you are using ScriptRunner for Jira and you want to automatically complete the 'Epic Link' field at issue creation.  You can now achieve this by logging into the Adaptavist Library, and searching by functionality name or by just typing the words related to what you want to achieve.

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Once the search results appear, you can select the functionality you are looking for. In this case, let's say the first result returned is what you need, once you click on the result it will take you straight to the right functionality page.

Here you can view more details of what it can do, with some light instructions (where applicable) on how to use or modify the code to suit your outcome. Our code is provided with comments to guide you step-by-step. At Adaptavist, we value clean code that's easy to read and maintain, learn more about our tips on keeping your code clean

The Adaptavist Library currently provides code suitable for use on Server and Cloud platforms, with the aim to expand to Data Center in the near future. 

automatically add issue

Just above the code snippet click the button 'copy code'. You can now go into your ScriptRunner instance and paste the code inside the Script Console and automatically add an issue of a certain type to an epic.

Your Library, Your Collections

With Adaptavist Library we have provided the capability for you to save your favourite functionality in a dedicated section labelled 'My Library'. If there is a certain script that you want to bookmark for frequent use, simply select the 'Add to My Library' button and it will be bookmarked in your 'My Library' section for easy access in the future.

Collections in the Adaptavist Library provide you with a group of similar functionality entities, for example a 'Calculations Collection' provides a group of scripts that carries out calculative tasks. 

The Beta Lab

The Adaptavist Library is currently in Beta. If you have any feedback, or experience any issues when using the Library whilst it is in Beta, please use our dedicated feedback survey. More information is available on the Adaptavist Library FAQ page.

We are committed to delivering more collections, snippets, and workflows to the library to help you get the most out of our apps. We also aim to add additional automation, customisation, and integration solutions in the future to ensure you can unlock all the powerful functionality possible with Adaptavist apps. 


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