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Introducing our first-ever State of the Atlassian Ecosystem report

Introducing our first-ever State of the Atlassian Ecosystem report
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Introducing our first-ever State of the Atlassian ecosystem report

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We’re thrilled to share our first State of the Atlassian Ecosystem report. Our findings are based on the responses to a global survey we carried out recently of more than 700 users of Atlassian tools.

Our report highlights how teams are leveraging the power of apps, customisation, and 3rd party integrations to boost their Atlassian capabilities. It also explores the adoption of key digital transformation trends across the ecosystemfrom automation to Agile, and DevOps.

So what did we discover?

Atlassian tools are supporting every aspect of modern business, with organisations keen to take advantage of all that the ecosystem can offer to boost agility and get work done.

“It is evident that the Atlassian ecosystem is in good health - with a wealth of rich functionality, integrations, and deployment models available for organisations of any shape or size. As businesses continue to transform, embrace agility and adopt more sophisticated ways of collaborating - it will be fascinating to see how these findings evolve in the future.”

Simon Haighton-Williams, CEO, Adaptavist

Here are a few of our key takeaways:

Atlassian tools are supporting every team and need

  • The use of Atlassian tools is expanding beyond the technical community  - with 80 percent of workers saying at least one business team in their organisation uses Atlassian tools, and 92 percent of workers using at least two Atlassian tools.

p6 What Teams pie charts NEW

"Atlassian applications are designed to work together and this brings great advantages to Vistaprint over and above the benefits of working with single applications.“
Patrik Fontana, Employee Technology Leader, vistaprint

Atlassian deployment: there’s no one-size-fits-all solution

  • Organisations are adopting a variety of deployment solutions to meet different business needs - the majority still use a Server deployment model (52 percent), 19 percent use Atlassian Cloud (SaaS), 11 percent use Data Center, and 9 percent use a hybrid hosting model.

p9 What Atlassian hosting deployment

"We are seeing a shift to Cloud at a strategic level by forward-looking CIOs. The inherent agility of Atlassian Cloud enables businesses to fast-track transformation and take advantage of on-demand scalability to drive growth”
Daniel Stefanic, Head of Partnerships, Easy Agile 

Atlassian users crave more automation

  • Despite having access to an abundance of automation tools and capabilities, 78 percent of workers still want more automation capabilities across their Atlassian stack, and 96 percent believe automation will increase productivity.

 p13 Automation pie 1

The Atlassian ecosystem is enabling organisations to transform

  • Agile and DevOps are now firmly established in the vast majority of businesses with 77 percent of respondents reporting to have implemented Agile within their organisation. And, 58 percent having a DevOps strategy in place.

p16 Agile pie2

Download the full report here 


"Truly successful and sustainable agile transformations only emerge when organisations take ownership of the methods and practices they use and make them their own. Agile then becomes part of your DNA.”

Nick Muldoon, Co-CEO & Founder, Easy Agile

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