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ShipIt II focuses on process pain

9 December 15 Adaptavist
ShipIt II focuses on process pain
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ShipIt II focuses on process pain

Adaptavist is in middle of its second ShipIt and this time we're focusing on solving "process pain".

Different perspectives

The first Adaptavist ShipIt in September was a great success, helping us to rapidly develop ideas around Atlassian Connect. It also gave people the opportunity to work in different roles to their day-to-day responsibilities and get a different perspective.

We’re taking the same approach for ShipIt II and have had a deluge of intriguing Shipment Orders covering peeves and pains in how processes operate within Adaptavist. Teams have formed around the ideas that are most interesting and all are now busy developing requirements, scope and solutions in a 24 hour window.

Common problems and blockers

What's perhaps most interesting is the fact that the process pains that we're working on are things that could apply to other businesses. In normal working life, the pains are usually worked-around, they don't stop us doing our job and delivering but they either delay things or make them take much longer than they need to.

Different types of process pain

Amongst the pains being tackled are initiatives across consultancy, backoffice, presales and development. Some of them involve Atlassian tools either as something that needs to be adapted or as part of the solution and some of them don't.

  • how we collaborate and create documents
  • tools to help with management of JIRA or Confluence
  • meeting management
  • expenses management
  • better linking between projects and finance
  • code asset management

We’ll be posting more updates from ShipIt II so keep an eye on the blog and our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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