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ScriptRunner for Confluence v5 supercharges Confluence search

ScriptRunner for Confluence v5 supercharges Confluence search
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ScriptRunner for Confluence v5 supercharges Confluence search


Atlassian Confluence is all about knowledge and productivity. It helps organisations inform, learn and collaborate. It’s an invaluable productivity tool for large, distributed teams. However, there’s one area where it could help you to be even more productive - search. However, the new version of ScriptRunner for Confluence helps admins and users find what they need quickly and boost their teams' productivity.

In intranets and knowledge systems like Confluence, information access and management are key to productivity. Estimates vary - some say 2.5 hours per day, some 9 hours per week - but it’s clear that users spend a lot of time searching for information within their organisations. What’s more, whilst most of them usually find what they’re looking for, few find the information quickly. ScriptRunner for Confluence v5 puts enhancements to Confluence search within reach of users and admins.

Search is the killer app for your Confluence intranet

Saving time is what it’s all about and the new release of ScriptRunner for Confluence is focused on saving time for Confluence users and admins. Making Confluence search more accurate, powerful and enabling is the killer app for your Confluence-based intranet or knowledge-base.

Access advanced Confluence search functionality

The new release of ScriptRunner for Confluence gives users access to part of Confluence that is usually hidden from users and even admins. Confluence Query Language (CQL) Functions support advanced searching with parameters and filters. Users are empowered to focus their searching to specific spaces, content types, labels or date ranges. Admins can set-up pre-set searches to help their users find what they’re looking for.

What else is new in ScriptRunner for Confluence?

Automated maintenance with CQL Functions

Having a successful Confluence instance means having lots of activity, discussion, spaces and pages. With success comes the challenge of managing all that content and removing the clutter of obsolete or superseded pages.

Confluence Admins can save time by using CQL Functions to build custom maintenance functions and schedule them to run automatically. Build up your maintenance automation to keep content, threads and users accurate and up-to-date.

Powerful, dynamic content-level permissions

Confluence out of the box allows you to set permissions at the page level - a user is either allowed to edit a page or not. This doesn't reflect the dynamic and complex nature of content - sometimes you want specific users to be able to edit specific page elements.

If you want to let a team member or departmental representative edit a listings box or update on the intranet home page, for example, now you can. Alternatively, let Space managers give control of a form to the team that receives the output. It saves everyone time and removes bottlenecks to publishing.

Improvements to the UI and UX

We've continued to enhance the user experience of ScriptRunner for Confluence. V5 improves browser navigation, optimises the use of space, improves the visual layout and, of course, fixes a number of UI bugs. Check the release notes for full details.

For more information or to try, buy or upgrade to ScriptRunner for Confluence v5, visit the Atlassian Marketplace.

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