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Prioritising Feature Requests in Trello - SDLM in Trello, part 2

Prioritising Feature Requests in Trello - SDLM in Trello, part 2
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Prioritising Feature Requests in Trello - SDLM in Trello, part 2

This is the second in a blog series about how Trello can be used as a lightweight tool for Software planning and execution, click here to read the first instalment; Configuring a Customer facing Feature Request board in Trello

Now that you have received our features from many different places using the integrations from the first blog, it is time to decide which features to select for development. Here are some of the different methods for making feature decisions, and some of the best Trello power-ups that enable them. 

In this blog series, we’ll show you how to configure a board to support your team through the entire SDLC, including; 


  1. Receiving feature requests
  2. Prioritizing feature requests 
  3. Requirements Management
  4. Development with Scrum and Kanban Teams
  5. Release Management

Adding Custom Fields to your board

With the Custom Fields power-up, you can create basic custom fields to add to your Trello card. You can create text, drop-down, number, date, and checkbox, which will be displayed on the card. This is a great way for customers to add a priority when submitting a feature request. 

Another interesting use case is to document a version on a feature that is selected for development in a text field.

Prioritising Feature Requests in Trello

Prioritising Feature Requests in Trello

Prioritising Feature Requests in Trello

Democratize your decision process

One great Trello power-up for your feature request board is The Voting power-up. This power-up allows members of a board, team, or the public to vote on cards. In this case, each card is a feature. The votes are tallied and displayed on the card, and you can even see who voted on a particular card. This is valuable for teams to best determine which features are most important to their customers.

prioritzing trello requests with voting power up

Mapping out decisions

Mind-mapping is a powerful way to help with the decision making process.  One power-up that integrates with Trello to do mind-mapping is Smartdraw for Trello. This tool has lots of keyboard shortcuts and opportunities for automation, helping you streamline your decision process. 

prioritzing trello requests with mindmapping


Confluence has always been a great tool for collaboration.  But did you know it also has a blueprint specifically designed for decision making. Use this and the Confluence power-up to give you the power of collaboration and decision making, without even having to leave your Feature Requests board. 

prioritzing trello requests with Confluence

Stay tuned for part 3!

Feature requests are critical to all software teams.  Without feature requests, the team cannot creatively innovate to give the customers what they want. Now that we have selected features for development, stay tuned for part 3, where we will discuss how to use Trello to manage your software teams requirements.

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