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Press Release: Adaptavist acquires Script Runner

9 December 14 Adaptavist
Press Release: Adaptavist acquires Script Runner
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Press Release: Adaptavist acquires ScriptRunner

LONDON, December 7th 2014: Adaptavist, the leading global Atlassian Expert, has announced the acquisition of ScriptRunner. ScriptRunner is a hugely popular Add-On for Atlassian's Jira software. It is actively used in over 8,500 Jira installations and gives Jira users the power to extend its capabilities in any way they wish.

As part of the deal, ScriptRunner's creator Jamie Echlin joins the Adaptavist team to take the product to the next level. Echlin brings a portfolio of Jira Add-Ons with him and will also be responsible for extending Adaptavist's capabilities around Jira as an Enterprise ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) tool.

Echlin is third on the Atlassian Answers Leaderboard and a highly respected contributor to the Atlassian ecosystem. With Jamie taking his place alongside fellow Adaptavist Nic Brough first on the Leaderboard it shows Adaptavist's commitment to offering its clients access to the best talent around Atlassian's software and the application lifecycle.

"The opportunity to join Adaptavist was too good to pass up," said Jamie Echlin, creator of ScriptRunner. "They are clearly the most advanced partner in the Atlassian ecosystem. The original impetus to develop ScriptRunner came from a desire to build on what Jira is capable of. Every time I spoke to someone from Adaptavist, I saw the same desire to push the boundaries."

"At Adaptavist, we pride ourselves on being the most Technically Excellent Atlassian Partner and having the finest minds in the Ecosystem," added Adaptavist's CEO, Simon Haighton-Williams. "As everyone who's used it knows, ScriptRunner is an awesome piece of software. Not only that but it has the potential to open up many new avenues for Enterprise Jira users."

The acquisition caps a year of spectacular growth for Adaptavist. The company will end 2014 having doubled its headcount, revenue and profitability.

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