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Powerful, popular forms in seconds with Forms for Confluence

16 September 16 Confluence
Powerful, popular forms in seconds with Forms for Confluence
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Powerful, popular forms in seconds with Forms for Confluence

Forms are powerful and productive, they help you and your team get things done. Using forms within Confluence gives you the ability to take action right where your information is. Find out how the new version of Forms for Confluence helps your users and teams get more done, more easily.

Submit an expense claim, apply for a role, report an incident, give or gather feedback these are the kinds of things people in your organisation want to do. Forms for Confluence 7.0 lets you add these forms quickly with Blueprints. You get access to templates and wizards so you can deploy standard forms in seconds.

Blueprints let you add forms in quickly

Blueprints allow you to implement forms for a range of common use cases quickly and easily. They're template-based and wizard-driven and allow you implement useful forms in your Confluence wiki in seconds.

  • Expense claim
  • Employee satisfaction survey
  • Job application
  • Incident report
  • Training request
  • Contact request
  • Event survey

Use the wizard to set-up your form, define the validation requirements and specify how you want to collect the responses. You can get them emailed to someone, integrate with JIRA or simply view responses within Forms for Confluence itself.

Use the Surveys Blueprint to gather feedback quickly and easily

Surveys have become a core part of Forms for Confluence. You can create multi-page forms with a progress bar and gather and analyse responses. Creating and managing surveys is quick, easy and powerful.

Or create your own forms

Of course, you can still use the forms engine to create your own or adapt the templates we've provided. We’ve also bundled Submit Button, Submit Image Button and the Captcha Macro into the Forms Macro to make creating forms more straightforward.

What else in new in Forms for Confluence 7.0?

As well as implementing new features, we've also improved some of the existing ones to make Forms for Confluence more powerful and productive.

  • More flexible admin of forms with Space Administrator Configuration. This means that people don't need to be Confluence admins to create forms. It reduces the bottleneck on creating new forms and means that anyone can create forms within their own personal Confluence Space. Of course, full permissions are implemented so if you want or need to make forms available based on users' profiles, you can.
  • Better user experience. Organise your forms into separate pages and/or sections to help users when completing longer forms.
  • Improved submission management. You can now set your forms so that they can only be submitted once per user. This is especially useful for surveys.
  • Reorder and sort columns in the Responses Table Macro to help you analyse form responses.

To find out more about Forms for Confluence 7.0 and how it lets you add forms to Confluence or to try it now, visit the Atlassian Marketplace.

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