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Podcast Ep2: The Value of Stories

29 March 17 Media
Podcast Ep2: The Value of Stories
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Podcast Ep2: The Value of Stories

The second episode of the Adaptavist Atlassian Ecosystem Podcast is now live. In this episode, Renee Brown joins Ryan and Matthew to talk about stories, the study of stories and their importance to collaboration.

The stories that we tell ourselves and each other shape how we perceive and interact with the world around us, whether that story is a good book, talking about what happened last weekend, or writing a software requirement.

Renee shares some insight about narratology, the study of stories and the team look at how stories are central to software development, Agile delivery and changing business processes. Matthew explores the story that Atlassian tells about itself and wonders whether stories should be fixed or if their true power lies in how they evolve.

If you’ve got questions or suggestions for what you’d like to hear in future editions of the podcast, email the team at or comment below. You can also help us out by completing our feedback survey.

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