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OKR template: track your OKRs with confidence

Jean Henson
Jean Henson
27 January 23 Agile
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Get started with OKRs

Are your development teams still focused on ploughing through the endless backlog of product features, unaware of how they meet your product and organisational vision? Or worse, hindering your ability to deliver it.

Objectives and key results (OKRs) are a goal-setting framework for truly agile organisations. You can use OKRs to drive your roadmap to achieve your organisational goals, keeping you aligned with the company vision and delivering customer value. Switch to a goal-orientated OKR roadmap, forget the legacy feature list, and focus on achieving your OKRs each quarter instead.

Need an OKR template to get you started?

If you are here, you are ready to start articulating your goals. We have a handy OKR tracking template created by our agile experts at Aligned Agility to get you started. But maybe you're unsure how to write them or what to share; we have a template to help you.

Our OKR template will guide you through a popular and proven goal-setting process and documentation method. With this template, you'll outline 1-3 big objectives and decide the results you want to see. The built-in OKR calculations will help you to define your goals; then, you're set.

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Download our free OKR tracking template to get started with OKRs

Created by our agile experts for smaller product teams, which includes a how-to guide and useful calculations to get you started with OKRs.

Use template

How to use this OKR tracking template

Step 1. Do your research first and learn the benefits of OKR goal-setting. Our OKR blogs are a good starting point.

Step 2. Decide what you want to achieve and what results you want to see.

Step 3. Get your team together and think of big lofty goals. OKRs are not about day-to-day work.

Step 4. Download our OKR template and save it as a fresh new copy (instructions for completing the template are included).

Step 5. Turn those ideas into solid commitments and share them in this Excel template so everyone can see them.

Step 6. Revisit your OKR goals regularly. Did you smash them because they were too easy? If so, think bigger!

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Why you need software, not spreadsheets, to track your OKRs blog

Ready to move on from OKR tracking in spreadsheets?

For team sizes of over 25, spreadsheets may no longer be able to easily support your OKR tracking; find out why and what your alternatives are.

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Get the OKR tracking template here

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Jean Henson

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