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Now you’ve heard of Aha! Roadmaps how can it help make your cross-functional teams more agile?

Karen Reay
Karen Reay
16 December 21 Aha!
Aha! Roadmaps for agile cross-functional teams
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Aha! Roadmaps is a product roadmapping software that enables product managers, developers and marketing teams to collectively define the why, when, and what of new products (before actually building them). Aha! allows users to build and share visual roadmaps, linking strategic goals and initiatives directly to releases and individual features, so business objectives can be tracked from start to finish. 

How does it work with Jira?

If you have Jira you can easily add Aha! to enhance your agile capabilities: 

  1. You can set field mappings between records and specify the direction the updates should flow. 
  2. You can link initiatives, releases, features, and requirements in Aha! with epics, user stories, and tasks or subtasks in Jira. 
  3. You can create an integration template so you can quickly connect multiple Aha! workspaces to your Jira project, or connect multiple Jira projects to an Aha! workspace. 

Using Jira plus Aha! Roadmaps offers focused management reporting, cross-team communication and real-time updates within the tools your teams want to use - win!

By linking dependencies and related features your teams will all be on the same page when it comes to new releases. Sometimes the smallest ideas spark the biggest developments and with the Aha! ideas portal the capability to capture those bright sparks, and refill the idea bank is included. You will have access to a detailed overview of collected ideas and features to share with your developers, you can even ask them to vote on them to help with prioritisation. Have an idea with a lot of votes? Promote it to an Aha! feature with the click of a button to add it to your backlog.

How would my teams use it?

You need your project management, marketing and engineering teams to be in sync as part of a wider agile team, so communication is key. But, perhaps currently updates are slow to be communicated and things get a bit lost in the weeds, causing delays. 

Cross-department teams communicate within the tool via text comments and notifications, similar to Confluence and Jira, all of which help to prioritise requirements, set schedules, and track progress. You can organise projects into work streams and releases to show progress and support dynamic prioritisation. Aha! is a scalable tool to help track all software related work in one place.

Product Management

With Aha! Roadmaps your product managers can build their roadmaps in Aha! and prioritise specific features within each release then save them. Once saved, the bidirectional integration with Jira kicks in and it sends planned work to your engineering team in their Jira tool in real-time.


As development begins, updates automatically flow from Jira back to Aha! enabling both teams to work in their tool of choice. Your teams can collaborate on requirements, communicate changes, and track progress throughout the product development process quickly and efficiently. As a bonus, you can set up as many integrations between the tools as necessary within a single Aha! workspace. Aha! can help you deliver full product roadmapping within agile software product management.


For your marketing teams who want to regularly communicate upcoming new features on the roadmap to customers, they don’t need to wait for quarterly updates from development - it’s right there. It's also possible to share intel on what competitors are up to with other teams, this tool isn’t just for product management.

Senior Management

For management reporting purposes Aha! roadmap presentations can be created without the need to build lengthy PowerPoint decks which need constant editing if something changes. Aha! presentations are dynamic and are always as current as the latest information provided.

Integrations and compatibility

Introducing any new software tool could rightfully give your IT department the jitters. However, Aha! integrates with more than 30 third-party apps. Some of these include the industry’s top collaboration and development tools including Jira, GitHub, Trello and Slack. In addition, Aha! has a rest-based API giving you even more flexibility with your data to create custom integrations. A mobile application for iPhone and Android is available too for those moments of inspiration, or instant updates when you are away from your computer.

Help is at hand

On your journey to agile, you don’t want to be slowed down by new learning curves, adding yet another new tool to the stack (that was probably designed to speed things up). Adaptavist consultancy is here to make tool implementation, customisation and adoption as smooth and fast as possible, supporting absolutely everything from integration setup to agile transformation consultancy. 

Do your teams operate in SAFe® or other agile methodologies? Aha! Roadmaps is built to support all of them. And with our expertise in Aha!, Adaptavist will ensure your Aha! strategic roadmaps communicate the strategic goals you want to achieve and the work your teams are doing to achieve them. Resulting in less frustration and more inspiration for your leadership and agile development teams.

If you are looking for help to do a detailed feature comparison of roadmapping tools, download our comparison guide here to compare Atlassian Advanced Roadmaps for Jira, Aha! and Jira Align and all at once.

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